Monday, June 16, 2008

Dim Sum Buffet

I went for a dim sum buffet on Sunday morning! It was really last minute, i was actually helping Tze to pass messages at 2 A.M when Daniel invited me along! How nice of him. So i woke up at 10 and showered and all. Finally using a new loose powder!

Lavender Balance 403 was the color. It's purplish.

Most of my skin products are from Nu Skin. Supplements from Amway(which i hardly consume.) Very few stuff bought from Yves Rocher.

There are reasons for these "strange" colors from the usual sheer skin-toned type.
Purple is to camouflage yellow undertones, while green is to cover redness (I have a green concealer :D).
But i really do like Nuskin 'cus their liquid foundation is water based and the loose powder are made out of rice starch not talc (which is comedogenic). I still have 5 loose powder. And i only finish one every 2 years, ugh... who wanna buy oneeee?!
And liquid ones tooo! :D

Anyway, Yee Seng and Eldie came to pick us up at around 11. If you've notice, i haven't really cam-whored for two months because of my hair.

But now I've pretty much gotten over it.


Not only does purple camouflage the yellowness but makes you look fairer!
The previous color with was 'Invisibly Matte 01' which only combined with my skin tone, undoubtedly more natural but didn't gimme the color I wanted.

We were in a place called 'OUG' or something. This is Daniel! (Pssst!: He's actually shorter than me)

We went to a hotel into a chinese restaurant which offers dim sum buffet!
RM$30 for adults, but it's totally worth it if you can eat a lot.

Cute mouse bun.

There were about 10 people present, and we ate like we were possessed by dozens of hungry ghosts.
See this? We ordered ATLEAST 3 times of the amount.

Bwuey pai seh mah. Ha!

They definitely suffered losses from our table! Well, there was one cheese oysters which was my favorite. We ordered 8 plates which contained 3 each, but after 4 plates they said they ran outta oysters. Lol, WTFUDGE?! :[

This was our last order and dessert. The papaya sago is a must-try! It's not too sweet and it's delightful! I had five bowls of them. And just when you thought I was anorexic.

I think you guys should have known by now that i compromised my beliefs that day.
Eating meat that wasn't of fishes =l
I know i shouldn't have, but damn! Those dimsums were good!
That's why i'm part-time vegetarian, bahahaha!

Are we escalating? No, we're walking! They were queuing to pay the car parking so we went to treadmill!

City Harvest K.L ftw?!

Well anyway, Emerge is coming up and i joined two competition.
1) Fastest talker
But when filling out the form i wrote "Fatest talker" and was too lazy to amend it.
No, i'm not the fattest talker :(
2) POS! Parade Of School that is.
Hopefully the dance will be better this year. Lol, they asked me to join the beauty pageant but i was like no way! My height isn't sufficient, my age definitely nuh-uh, my hair is TERRIFIC and i know there are prettier girls in my clan.

So to the future representative of VU, bare it all!

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