Sunday, July 06, 2008

Church and fellowship

I went to church today - miraculously! I could never wake up for Sunday service before. I was dead tired though from yesterday's party. We were late and missed praise and worship time. Oh well~ The preaching was about potential, realizing our potential and doing something great with it.

It was a good sermon, but i pretty much heard it before.

Went to have a chat with Pastor Kevin Loo, i was shocked when i met him up front 'cus he looked wayyy older. On the screen and in a distance he looks so cute and young!

Esther and her baby Eitan! I was chatting with her about choosing a ministry for myself. Since i've been in church for 5 years yet NEVER did anything made me feel rather useless. She said acting since i was eloquent, but i said i couldn't act.
"Singing or choir?" she suggested, "I can't sing." was my reply.
In the end we decided on the dancing ministry. =[ I sorta wanted nursery!
To take care of babies, yay!

I wanted to go home so badly, to read Chronicles of Narnia, but noooooo....
they dragged me along. Undoubtedly I was very whiny.
But I saw a feather which shut me up and I was having fun tickling everyone! ^^

Ordered 'Sunrise' ($RM8)

Thanks Adrian for dropping us off at The Pyramid, we walked about...
I saw this OMG-CUTE bag and it was on SALE! 50% ley! It was $RM119 at first, but it would be $RM60 now. I called my mom to ask where she was, then she said she didn't bring enough cash :( YOU'RE MINE, WABBIT!

Walked... and tried this Osim foot massage. It was awesome! Expecially after a few hours of walking about. I need a heavenly massage chair *prays*
Jonathan and I were having feety-fun!

There's also another machine - Flabelos (or something). Basically making you vibrate and it tones your muscles and you lose some pounds.I wonder if it really works?
I have iGallop but i don't even use it!

The queue in J.Co was longgg! So I went to search for seats, I saw this flower-balloon underneath the table. Weee, not very pretty though :[
Better than nothing :P

We bought a dozen, no camera lens were stained, I wasn't such a horrible mess.
It was a good day!

Bon Voyage Jonathan! Have a safe trip to Singapore and thanks for visiting.
See you next month for EMERGE!

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