Thursday, June 26, 2008


Bronchitis, I have no idea what it is and I'll probably Wiki it later. Faith has it, oh dear! She's studying in School Of Theology (SOT) in Singapore now and she's all alone without us! HOW CAN? Lol, so I fasted today! Half an hour more till SIX! Mommy cooked dinner like an hour or so ago and I'm patiently waiting... It wasn't hard... 6AM-6PM, not that I even bothered to wake up at 5 to have a bite.

But I guess after fasting 24 hours several times 3-4 years ago for City Harvest really strengthened me. The first time I fasted was only for 12 hours, and it was KILLING me. I was 11, and it was a Sunday or something, I just remembered being really free staying at home. I'd stare at the biscuit jars with my eyes wide open and hands stretching out to it. And I... didn't open it. Kept encouraging myself, "3 more hours, just THREE more!" And hallelujah, I made it! Since then, food hasn't really affected me. I can go two days without food or hunger pangs at times. Though people warned me about getting gastric, so i started to eat regularly.

So guys, pray for Faith! I just know it's like a lung infection that has something to do with broccolis :D Bronchitis sounds nasty! Well anyway, my ear is bleeding, it's been 2 weeks since I've pierced it already! Gosh, HEAL ALREADY WON'T YOU?! My skin is kinda sensitive to rashes and piercings, ugh!

Pray for Faith AND my ear's healing, won't you?!
In Jesus name, pray for me!

Okay, well... I'm gonna go wait for 10 more minutes till i eat that dinner of mine.
*stomach grumbles*
Bye! 大家吃饭!

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