Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blogging Animals on Maxis Broadband

This is proper entry for the night at Modesto's!

I HAD to wear jeans, i couldn't have possibly gone around walking in my costume. It looks so retro! High-waist and all.

I grabbed a blouse, coincidentally, my mom was wearing a leopard-print blouse or something and handed it to me.

My Mom picked Suling and her friend up and went to Hartamas immediately.
We reached at 7P.M when we were suppose to be there half an hour earlier, but hey... no party ever starts on time.

(The waiting period for her friend)

Darling Suling!

While waiting in the queue getting our name tags (only invited people and guests can enter), some dude asked to take a photo with me. After that he asked me about my body art painting, then i found it so familiar! It was none other then Mike Yip la...
Sorry for being rude by pointing at your face and exasperating, "YOU'RE MIKE YIP!"

When entering the party, a gorilla was seen mesmerized by modern technology.
NAH, it's just Andrew attempting to SMS with his BIG APE gloves moronically.

hahah. Oh, accidentally reloaded the same picture. Oh well, Steph was smoking last night!

I saw Kenny and asked him whether he knew Naeboo personally, he did! and met her before. I really wonder how she looks like... DD cup and all.. LOL.
He then came over for a chat, which surprised all of us and took some pictures!

It must have been the hormones =/

Here I was, blogging live!

No offence to the person wearing that costume, but it looks like you're shitting some red shit!

Ah, beware.. cow man's milk go pew pew!

Top 3 best animal-dressed


After that, we were back to our "lounge" where Suling and I were standing. They were showing the finalist for the pictures of the 3 categories. And i absolutely couldn't believe it when they presented MY SHITTING LADYBUG! I WAS LIKE, "HEY! THAT'S MINE! WOOHOO!!" But I didn't win :[
Who did? REN! P.DADDY!


To Jumbo too!

The Couples who won the best costume and got a friggin laptop. Freak, freak!

Then they were announcing the best post, Soonchuan won it, BUT HE LEFT EARLY.
The 2nd guy was uh, whateverhisnameis won it! A BLOODY BLACK PSP!
The latter was so damn lucky! While poor Soon chuan... aww.

As bloggers, we randomly take photos with everyone. This girl named Jingle(can't see tag clearly) asked me to take one! She looks so sweet and beautiful.

Everything was over, some music was pumping and a few people were at the "dancefloor". Including Kenny and Chickenman grooving.

Winnie suddenly wanna spin, but Tarzan took the chance to body slam him, while the chicken sandwiched them all!

Bad-ass whooping!

Honestly, i was surprised Kenny knew how to dance. He was just moving about but it was pretty coordinated and I, personally, have never danced in a club. The two times I've been in one was first sleeping, then chatting about.

Maybe i should hire him to be my dance teacher? LOL
Steph and Kenny were swinging like lovers! It was so cool, and HILARIOUS!

But after he was sweating like hell, adding in that he was in that bloody WTP costume! But i still managed to grab a picture with him ^^

Robb was the cutest! HE HAD A PORCUPINE BAG! Wtf, CUTEEEEE!
At first i thought it was some mutated turtle shell, only after he went around poking his back to us i realized it was meant to spike us. LOL, bloody hell, I want one! I'll bring it to school and stab everyone dead.

Oh, and I LOVE YOU for giving me the invite, THANKS MAN!

Stan was also at the party! Present in the laptop, webcamming and all. Guess you had part of the fun too!

*meows* Even though I didn't win, I had a hell of a fun, and without it, much of it wouldn't happen.

I was really embarrassed walking around in that attire, so i wore my jeans.
Snapped a shot with the speaker! Shiat, i forgot his name. Well, he was dressed as Tarzan. Seems like a cool guy, well he must be since he's always the one holding the mic for Nuffnang parties!

Mom was nearby, she was actually opposite of us in a pub with uncle Ben.
Called me and the first thing she asked was, "DID YOU WIN THE LAPTOP?! DID YOU WIN?!? THE LAPTOP?" Gee, take a chill pill mom! I know the only reason u agreed to rent this costume was to win it. I was supposedly to send Suling home, but uncle Ben was there drinking slowly as ever. Wouldn't want him calling me rude again for noticing the amount of beer left in his drink. Ass.

We immediately called Andrew to see whether he wanted to chill at AC.
Then we asked Ren whether he wanted to join and he drove us there.
Finally met darling Charmayne after sooo long!
Last time was at Sunway Pyramid where she was doing funny poses for promoting their new theater play "How I Learned To Drive" Sorry I couldn't go! I was in Singapore, damn it.

Charmayne was with two guys, one named Ben while the other uh...shit, nevermind.
It was Suling's first time to Asia Cafe! Aiyoyo, I took off the leopard costume since I was wearing a tube and wore jeans, so it looked fine. Except for the fact a lil' bit of my bra ends would pop out, UGH! Ugly!

Ben, Zoe, Charmayne, and Ren!

Ben is actually a vocalist from the band Ben's Bitches, i never heard of them before but hearing it from Suling that their songs are funny and cool, I bet they're awesome! He also said Kenny was a fan of theirs and their songs just started being played on air!

Support local talent! Go to
With the album labeled as 'Mamak Conspiracy' including songs 'Amber Chia' whom they adoree, 'Ah Beng Emo Metal Love Song' which seems ironic, 'Cialat' which i thought was spelled as 'jialat'!

*BURTS OUT LAUGHING!* I'm at their site now, the song 'Tensyen' is playing. And he sounds so different and amusing! Hahahah, since i met him personally first it's just so funny to hear him singing. But hey, it's pretty good! Most of their songs are meant to tickle your funny bone. I can't stop giggling!

Continuing, I'm sorry Ben for being so random... asking about marriage and all.
Hahaha, I was dumb, and it was all Nick's fault!

I asked one question: What are you gonna do when you make it big?
Ben: Marry her *points at Charmayne*
(I just found out they were together! How sweet *aww*.
I said I wanted to be Charmayne's bride's maid! But i bet she has loads of other friends, so you have to at least me the flower girl! *SMILES*

HAA, Amber Chia is so funny, it goes like "Amber Chia cha cha cha cha cha chaa.."
Mostly, Ben's Bitches' songs are in Malay.

All the best! Don't forget me when you become a celebrity, i bet you'll be a Mumbai Superstar(whatever that means)!

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