Monday, June 16, 2008

Beautiful Beach

I was pushing through the bushes, smelling the sea's breezes and fragrance of people.
My heart palpitated, knowing that I was nearing my destination.
I could hardly contain myself when I was swiftly treading upon the sand.

Oh, the beauty.
The bodies. Dead bodies, lying everywhere...staring into space with their funny faces.

More than delighted was I to see them. I passed through, smiling as I raised my arms in the air to experience the wind that was invigorating. Rotting pieces of flesh were everywhere, i picked them up and threw them into the sea like skipping stones.

To my disappointments, they sank right down to the bottom of the water bed. Never to be awaken again.

I combed my hair with my fingers thinking to myself...
this must be paradise.

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