Friday, June 27, 2008

Asia Bucks

Was chatting in KSCB as usual, till Sherry told me she was going out "today" with Suling and Fengy. Asked me along too since they were catching a movie at The Summit. Sweet!

Feng picked me up (thanks!) and we drove to Asia Cafe to meet Sherry! Missed her, didn't see Sherry in a LONG time. I believe for over a month. Suling had Cabonara, while we all just ordered drinks.
Chatted about celebrity bloggers, their disputes and our experiences.
Experiences with perverts and flashers too! LOL

Thank God Sherry suggested to go to Starbucks, I never really liked AC or sweaty, smoky and dirty places. Needless to say who does!? :] (Although the food is nice there)

I've only been to Starbucks twice so i didn't know what to order. Sherry ordered two Caffe Mochas, i only had 10 bucks left and she helped me paid the rest! *muacmuacmuacmuack!*

Cheers to fate -and KSCB- that we met -and became good friends- there.

Man, I sure LOVED the whipped cream, i stuck my mouth inside and my nose and lips were... you know the rest.

I'd say, "Cheers to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!"

Sherry's a hottie! I have no idea what she would reply. =l

LOL, i suck at photo shopping, i simply used paint even though I have Adobe Photo Shop CS3. Sherry! Teach me!

I was GONNA change my facial expression. I always pose a face according to my sudden mood change. Gah, i looks so idiotic in this one.

All the whipped cream disappeared! The mocha was getting bitter, i proceeded to dumping some chocolate powder and poured some milk hoping it'd make it sweeter.

The sweet shitty potion made by Ragdoll.

All of them were like, "Diarrhea!" I'M PERFECTLY FINE :D Didn't make much difference anyway :[

In Feng's car! LMAO, i looked so weird 'cus I was worrying about the angle of the camera, i thought i wouldn't be in the photo. Suling's photography ain't so bad after all! (After the donut incident)

It looks like Feng and I exchanged facial expressions! LMAO, he's kinda freaking me out. Like there's something behind me!

It was totally cool chatting with them in AC & Starbucks, so glad to meet them.
Yay! All the best for exams/ make the best outta your holidays!

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