Monday, May 05, 2008

Vindicated :D

Hung out with Suling, Sherry, Ren and Yen to Sunway Pyramid! It was kinda sudden, and Ren picked me up. So off we went to eat J.Co! I actually didn't wanna eat because of some awesome experience. But i ordered one anyway.

LOOKS SO... *drools*

Just when we were gonna enjoy the splendor of the donuts... Suling took the picture above.. and DROPPED her camera right into Ren's selected donut.
HAHAH, bullseye! Right at the lens, baby!
I was busy laughing my ass off while kind-hearted Yen helped her out.
I was the only one laughing so hard :[
Yen the camera cleaner! :D
While the girls went to the washroom to clean up, i ate mine. Since we were already late for our movie - The Forbidden Kingdom.
LOOK! Such an improvement! Right?
I entered the toilet and saw them cam-whoring without me!
I stood there for 5 seconds, stoned. "How could you!?"
Sherry invited me over, ahah.
I was too busy licking my fingers. LMAO~
Extremely casual, i haven't told you, i was only wearing a jacket on top. Of course undergarments too.

Sherry, and Suling!
Sherry had an extra donut, some cheesy thing, had a bite to try it. So plain D:
With Suling's blurred (chocolate-coated) lens, the picture quality sucked! :X
Ordered a combo.
The movie, seemed so cliche to me. The usual fighting kungfu type.
I'd rather see WWE at home.
The aftermath:

I said, "Group photo!" The guys were outside, so we invited them inside the GIRLS territory.
Say 'Perverts!'
Now it was our turn to go to the guy's washroom.
IT STANK LIKE HELL. I was holding my breath as long as i could and inhaled only when i had to. My nose!
They have cooler mirrors though, unfair! I guess guys don't like sharing the same reflection.
Those pictures were taken from Suling's camera, this is my Z610i's!

Nicer, right? :P
Ren, Yen, Sherry, Suling, and me!
Had an awesome time! Yen was kinda tired though, so he was really quiet.
I held my breath for 5 seconds for this one. *chokes*

In Ren's car!
Sherry hearts camera!

This was funny, lol! When we were waiting at the traffic light right before The Summit.

Thanks Ren, so much! You had to pay for gas, parking ticket... it just sucks to be a guy, doesn't it?
Love you guys!

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