Monday, May 26, 2008

Vain Preparations

Hey guys! As you know... i'm quite a vain girl. So, i do wanna look my best when i arrived in Singapore in a few days time. I wouldn't like my friends going, "Oh my Zoe, i couldn't recognize you! You look horrific!"

I am therefore taking the time to prep myself up.

I buffed my nails for half an hour total and trimmed them and filed them carefully.
After washing them i polished them with Yves Saint Laurent nail polish!
Hmm, a rare luxury that I only put on "special" occasions.

Next for my face, guess what?

Mud Mask! They are AWESOME! So soothing and full of minerals.
Epoch, a product from Nuskin.

You squeeze out just a little...

And apply starting from your chin upward.

Imma two-faced bride.

Oh no, I'm morphing...

into The Hulkess!

Nah, Corpse Bride's more like it.
Well i think i look so cool anyway. Ha!

I do this about once a month, or twice if i remember to. My skin/face is very important to me, and i'd freak out if i had a pimple (which rarely occurs).
Anybody wanna buy? I still have two more bottles, it cost RM$180 each!
It's really dirt (more like mud) cheap. Other brands sell $130 or something for gel masks in small containers. This masks is reeally nice and worth the investment. It leaves my skin smooth and silky.

Even my other friends come over for a free do, since i'm so nice and all~ :x

Do e-mail me if you're interested :D

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