Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teacher's Day!

Last Friday, which was the 16th was Teacher's Day! WOOO! And i was wondering what to give to Teacher Deborah, my favorite teacher in the center!

This present was actually for Isaac Newton for Christmas, but knowing that he DITCHED me, i decided to give it to her! :D

And for Jonathan Ooi? Ugh. Thought of this last minute.

Nice right? Then i showed it to Marielle, who totally blew it off and RIPPED IT INTO PIECES and threw it into the garbage bin. Like, WTF?

She told me write something NICE for Teacher Jonathan which i reluctantly did.
But it's still nice right? Left a "JESUS LOVES YOU!" with a heart in there! Whoa!

So it was time for games and all. Two teams with two teachers each, we had to make some paper shape so that the teacher blowing can send it all the way from one end of the string to the other end.
THERE'S THAT BANNER! It looks so beautiful! Why? 'cus i helped painting it! =x
First up, Teacher Jon BLOWING.
Second, Teacher Deborah! Everyone was shouting "Blow! Blow!"
Tch Linda. lol, she's blowing hard. O.o
After that, they had to collect marbles with their feet in a pail of water.
Not just any water, but ICE WATER!

Hmm, a class-mate of mine making a speech to the teachers. Do i hear a "aww!"?
Sherlyn baked muffins for the class party.
Tch Deborah ordered FOUR pizzas.
It was awesome! She even made her own dessert which was a fruit salad, LOL.
Hearts tch Deb!

After, Shaun planned on watching Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian. Rachel, Vitto and Tch Deb tagged along. We went to The Summit to catch it.
As you can see, i use chopsticks the RIGHT way.

After the movie, we ate Subway! Love their cookies especially, but in Malaysia... it ain't as fresh.
I was singing Cookie Monster's song " C is for cookie, it's good enough for me. C is for cookie, it's good enough for me!" Till Rachel pointed at her shirt, oh! What a pleasant surprise (:
Zoe/Deborah :D
Cookie monster and Deborah.
LMAO! Vitto looks so cute here!

Anyway, i'm gonna buy the entire series of Chronicles of Narnia! It seems to be a good novel, lol.
Expensive though!

Happy Teacher's Day to all you teachers!
and Miss Ng Pei Shan, i still love you and wish you all the best in your career!

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