Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SEGi College & Republic

Late posts! Sorry.

Around two weeks ago, i went for the SEGi College Frisbee Party. Nick picked me up and off we went to see Suling at the USJ2 field. We played some frisbee and went to the college for the PAR-TAY! WOOHOO!

Tickets were only $RM5 but we had a goodie bag totally worth over that amount. Suling said because there were quite a lot of sponsors. Food was AWESOME! No, not really, it was nice!
Wilson, Wen Pink came too! The late-comers were Meng Yoei and Sherry! Which by the way was the first time meeting her. I was shocked by her height (no offence) LOL.

Suling, dunno, Wen Pink, duno. Top: Principal, duno.
The principal ( i think), told Nick and I, "SEGi college party's around but study's just as well!(or something like that)" After Suling told him we were bloggers. We were kinda taken aback by that. I would say the college is pretty cool and have their fun time too! But education wise, i can't say anything. After the HitZ.Fm forts rangers and cruisers or whatever, came and gave out some stuff, it ended. And we were standing around like fools, so i nudged Nick to go back and we went home. I didn't know they went out for a drink later. T.T
Oh well, next time!

This was 3 days ago. We went to Republic, the new bar/pub beside the Pyramid. Went to check it out with Suling, Ren, Stephanie, Billy, Sherry, my bro and Ren's bro (Yen).

I feel and look so horrible with my new friggin fringe. HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE YOU!
So i tried to cover my face with a magazine.

It was upside down. LOL.

Suling got a free Heineken beer bottle from her friends! It was so much nicer than the jugs which Ren treated us THREE TIMES.
Thank you for your generosity. We all feel bad though.
Ren's over here looking like the pimp/casanova/playboy/flirt MAN! woohoo.

Ren, Howe(my bro) and Yen(Ren's bro).
Witty Billy, generous Ren, dumbass, HOTTY who's a SMARTY!

It was darn boring. We went to Asia Cafe, since Suling has never been there. (WHAT THE!?)
But it was smoky, dirty and we were obviously overdressed. i would not have mind if i was wearing cargoes and a cheap ugly t-shirt. All of us were flashing, and this wasn't the place for us.
Steph agreed right! So we went to an air-conditioned place = McDonald.
Left to right: Suling, Sherry, Emily, Stephanie, Ren, Yen,Howe and Billy.

We had a fun chat, Nick came to stop by. Since he was DOTA-ing all day long.
Unbelievable. ~DOMINATING~ is all he remembers.

Republic is quite a boring place to hang out. Unless you're de-stressing and just wanna chill and drink.
Gosh, the song..." I wanna *F* you! *F* you in the head, i wanna *F* the head"
I was like, bloody hell?

It was a nice experience and great bonding! Finally met Steph after the Nuffnang's pyjamas party! And saw Sherry again.


We love each other. Don't we? (:

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