Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pent House

Here we are preparing to go Ivory's PentHouse! :D
I had a major bad hair day, because of some STUPID woman at the hair salon.
Asked them to help me out with my hair.
We are ready! broom broom broooom~
Look at who i found! Haven't seen her in a year despite being to CWP so many times. She's become pretty.
I saw Fergus and the others. They didn't say hi to me, which i found rather #$%&^# tryina act cool and all. Till one guy said, " Eh Zoe, you going ah?" Then Fergus kor were all like, "Huh?! That's Zoe ah?! Look so different one! Change alot sia!"

LOL, and he said i've become prettier! Aww, thanks/love ya Fergus kor.
I still don't believe i've become so unrecognizable.

Inside we were crapping around.

i mean Gobstobber =/

Sichen, Ron?!, Zourdan, Emily.

Weird, Freak, Fake.
tree, too, wand.
we're all gonna explode! Run!
Emo era
Gay era D:
i wanted to push his head, but i was a moment too late. darn it!

Dig his nose and eat his toes!
omg, Jiaxin was a secret FAGGOT all along!
Ticket cost like $16? If i'm not wrong.

Inside the club, it was around 11P.M wasn't much people.
The dancefloor was DESERTED, OMG. Sucked!
Only half past 12 did people start dancing.
Zoe, Jowe, Zourda, Sike.
Back: Zourdan, Sikeen, ZhiYong
Front: Zoe, Jowena, Jiaxin
I blocked Jowena, ahah. Don't act CUTE Jiaxin!

That's how the dancefloor should be!
Yongkang, and Sikeen!
I look freakish. He looked doped.
Went out for a smoke. And decided to go, since it was so damn BORING. (well, for me)

So pretty! But it so doesn't look like a Christmas tree.
Superdan was flashing his ass.

Clark Quay MRT!
Hearts them! Miss you guys LOADS.
I peeled the sticker out, and i kinda forgot who sticked it on Ziyong.

On our way back, Jiaxin's eyes were dry and the contacts kept flipping out.
The stamp of the penthouse!

Stayed over and went home the next day! yay~

Dec 27, 2007

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