Sunday, May 18, 2008


20th March, went to PAWS with my mama.
This monkey is called 'Charlie'. I prefer the monkey to Chia. (LOL :x)

The first few time i came, he hated me. They warned me, " He doesn't like girls or children, better stay away from him."
He's so mischievous and mean. He'd ignore me whenever i talk to him.
After several attempts, he opened up to me like on the 4th time i talked to him nicely and giving him food along the way.

Monkey and female Homo sapien are friends!
Played around by tug-o-war by my cap.

You'll never get my New York cap, never!
Went to visit the kittens!

The other kittens would get jealous and try to get your attention by climbing and meow-ing repeatedly.

She's a cutie isn't she! or he :/
I had nothing to entertain them with, so i took out my shoe lace and played.

I thought she was the gentlest till her aggressiveness over my shoe lace changed my mind.
This girl was so sweet to take care of this puppy till he was strong enough to be kept inside the shelter, because young pups' immune system is not strong enough to protect from the diseases from the other dogs. She's from Taylor's, anyone know her? [:

I went to visit the cats. And i saw this unsightly scene.
This is how graceful cats excrete.
HEY LOOK! Her shit is the same color as her COAT OF FUR! OMG!
Then Chinese people should shit YELLOW SHIT.

*purr* Freedom~
This Siamese cat is too cute to be true! So shy with lovely blue eyes.

This was when the people were cleaning up their "room". They don't like water.
HAHAH, to the extent of climbing the metal "fences".
PAWS are something like SPCA, they catch stray animals and neutralizes them and takes care of them. How sweet!
BUT, they are running out of space, and they really need caring, adoptive owners.
DON'T buy animals from pet shops, you do not know how they're reproduced.
I counted like a dozen cats in there.
These two cats here were gonna have a cat fight, till i threw a plushie to distract them.
i heart Siamese!
My mom was "gardening", as in moving the pots around and putting fertilizers inside.
She doesn't do much animal help.

The cats were so curious, hah, so adorable.
Kinda looked like they were expecting the Saviour of Cats to come rescue them.
My favorite CAT! i named her PUSSY! DAMMIT, she got adopted. :[
Cats like biting on this plant. Some herb i think.

Poor puppy, will somebody adopt him please?
Prices for puppies are $80 each i think. Dogs are $60.
Cats = $30, Kittens = $50.

IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY. But they're so adorable and affordable!
They just want to be loved and care for.
Charlie picking on some Indian dude's hair. He likes doing that, to eat the fleas.

I would definitely adopt one kitten if i was living somewhere much bigger, i can't take care of pups since i live in a 3-room apartment.

PLEASE DO adopt one, it's so cheap compared to pet shops. If you already have pets, NEUTRER it. We do not need any more starving,dying, unwanted, abused animals on the streets. If you ever decided to have a pet, keep in mind the RESPONSIBILITY of taking care of it and treating it HUMANELY.

To toilet train a dog, do not WHACK it, just say " BAD dog, NO, it's wrong." Hitting a dog is counted as abuse. Don't slap your cat just 'cus it's FUN, i had a friend who did that before.
Don't throw your hamster up and down thinking they're having a hell of a time. You're scaring it and you might drop it on the floor which shocks it (i did that when i was 10).
Groom your pets often and give them sufficient EXERCISE. Don't let them laze around like they're so healthy walking around your living room.

Definitely, give them regular check-ups at a trusted Veterinary clinic. Thanks! (:

Google for PAWS or SPCA.

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