Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh dear.

I was very late for netball today, two reasons - it was raining and was canceled at first. Secondly, my mom wanted to finish watching a show before sending me off, which resulted in only a 25-minute netball practice which pissed me off, since i wanted to exercise badly.

From MPSJ we walked to Rachel's house to paint the Teachers' Day banner! WOOHOO!
Had so much fun! Love painting! :D

I look so nerdy! ahaha!

We were MAD.
Wahh, look at RACHEL'S face over here!

This is a weird pic.
lmao, i just realized i forgot to reverse it.
Good effort, Rachel!

They're mummified by the banner now.

Mom came and went home, next Friday is Teachers' Day and i'm not gonna give anything but one buck. I suck don't I?

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