Sunday, May 18, 2008

My weekend

The night before i finally tried out the chocolate i made in the "chocolate factory" from my awesome field trip. After worrying that my brother would have discovered my precious and devoured it. Thank God, it wasn't touched. He has a habit of taking/eating my stuff without my permission in the past.

He hardly reads my blog, so he won't find out where it is. But if ever so coincidentally he does and see this. Don't bother asking Howe, my answer is final, " No!" If you have one, you ALWAYS asks for another one then another and the "final piece" then the "very last one".
Screw you.

i love it! Chocolate makes me happy (and fat).
it's kinda messy though.
Guess who? DORAEMON!!

After eating two pieces, i wanted to try out the new eye gel mask that i bought from Elianto for only $RM10! You put it in the refrigerator and put it on once it's cold enough.
I look so cool.

Anyway, Uncle Ben came the next afternoon and as a belated celebration of Howe's and his birthday we went to a Japanese restaurant.
This shop with graffiti on it was cool.
The shop's in Taipan, Raku Zen.

Howe, Ben, Mommy
Me! Howe was "supposed" to be in it, and i actually didn't mind. Ben was like, " sit closer,Howe"
He shrugged, unsure. Then Mom brushed it off, "No, she likes taking pictures alone."
I was like, gee. Kinda speechless actually, so i just kept quiet and took the damn picture. (:

The Lovers. "It doesn't matter if you're black or white yellow"

I love raw salmon, a big fan of it.
Extremely healthy too!
Ugh, this fish eggs were so salty! Once you bite in them, the salty juice from within bursts.
Ironically, Howe and Uncle Ben ordered the same thing without knowing.
Mine, i love eel too!

After that, Howe wanted to buy some jeans while i wanted to blog ever since i successfully accomplished the 4-day-internet-free plan. Thus, i went to Leo's alone with my mom's fellow Dell laptop.

I fringe ): Every time i look myself at the mirror, i feel like saying " 'F' ME."
I first ordered Hazelnut Latte, since i tried Mocha Latte when i was with Nick last time.

After an hour since i finished, i tried Caramel Latte. It was kinda too sweet.
I love Lattes!

Yeah, it's kinda late. At least i posted 5 entries today! Wee. Thank you God, for such a wonderful day today.

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