Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Hair :[

I have always loved my hair for some reason, I never realized till recently I discovered how it could vastly change your appearance.

I had this hair style (below) for about 10 months, but i grew sick of cutting it every month to maintain the short length at the top to spike it. I loved the look, and i desired the thin, layered hair since my hair was so damn thick last time.

I still love Marsiling!
After two months, my hair grew to a nice length. (Below) It complimented my face, it was an average girl-y length, i was comfortable with it. (In a cab with Yongkang to meet Danny at City Square)
So after that i decided to let the waxing and hair spraying go for awhile. (Rachel's house)
And after another TWO months, it came to this length (which was cool) and i loved it!
Till it started to get frail and dull a few weeks after and i had to cut it for not taking proper care (conditioning it).

After the New Year! 2008!
It was EXTREMELY thin but the bangs were fine.
And i was so glad! Thin, short, layered hair.

Then suddenly, i wanted my volume back. The thick, luscious, beautiful hair i had two years back. *whimpers*
I was tired of my 4-year-old fringe, and i wanted to try a new look. Straight bangs!
And now i look like some retard trying to be cute. UGH.

I will continue hating myself till i grow my hair back. Which will probably take two more months, hmm... August?
What promotes hair growth?! ANYBODY?! HELP?!

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