Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers' Day

Mommy, I'm sorry for treating you the way i did, it was never meant to be. I'm sorry for shouting and criticizing you, for being so judgmental. I never treated you like a maid or a driver, but i'm just too lazy to do the chores but most importantly, you didn't permit me to drive.
So who's to blame?

Mommy, i love you i love you and love you! You've been hurt a lot, no doubt. You've always worked hard to provide for the family. All you ever wanted was recognition and love.
I didn't praise you 'cause you were always justifying yourself, which is such a turn-off.
But i've failed to realized that all you wanted was appreciation, words of encouragement, and i'm sorry for not giving you any. Because whenever i do, you start agreeing and blaming me for the problems, which is yet again - a turn-off.

I didn't give you much but treated you lunch today, and i hoped you liked it. Although i knew that you just wanted to spend time with Uncle Ben since you were blatantly obvious on the phone messaging him all day. You dote on me more than Howe, but it's pretty obvious you like him more since he kisses your ass all the time. I love you more than anyone else in the family! And perhaps the only one.

I want you to know that whatever i say or do, i didn't mean to hurt you. You're just so sensitive at times and such a bore whenever i try explaining things to you. You need to LIGHTEN UP! Of course, the decades of stress and worry has made you fickle-minded, but you need to relax a little. I know i've failed as a daughter: rebelled, ran away, and slacked on my studies. I'm trying hard although i'm not moving a stinkin' finger.

Karma and fengshui gets you no where, but love and determination. Stop the superstition, Mom! Thanks for the clothes, accessories, books, but mostly - love. You protected me from Dad as much as you could. And encouraged me whenever he put me down. It was such an emotional struggle for me last year. You are my rock, Mommy! I promise i'll take care of you when you grow old, i won't dump you into some old folks' home. Nor will I ever hate you again.

Happy Mothers' Day! No one can love you more than I do, and i mean it.
Not even HIM or him! :D

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