Sunday, May 25, 2008

KSCB Steamboat

Friday, after school i went to Sunway Pyramid with Joshuana and Sonya. Ate J.Co and was suppose to watch a movie with them but i had a KSCB MEETING! WOOOOO!
Thanks Yoei for fetching, and thanks Suling darling for notifying! (:
" i look fine, i look good, I'm alright" I kept repeating in my mind.
Yoei's car, i won't worry about getting raped since he's gay. aha~
We went to Kelana Jaya (i think) for the steamboat.
We ate hell lots, well... i took the most but ate the least. I ate 4 small fishes and a few crab meat.
Wen Stink and Zoee!
Kate, Wen Pink, Suling, and saya. LOL.
The All-Girls foot wear.
Love ya, Suling sista.
But i heart WenPink more? Nah!
Mikel, Me...
Andrew, Wen Pink.
A flower blossoms amongst trees.
Screw YOEI! :D Simon, Suling and Yen agrees!
We so coo.

I was talking to Chupachups (Michelle Ma Belle), i was like " WAIT! YOU'RE ON CAMERA!"
I swear, it was totally candid. LOL, like cameras were flashing everywhere like we were celebs or they were they friggin paparazzi.
What are YOU pointing at, YOEI?! That we had a "Memorable One Night Stand"? (Hint: Read his shirt)

I was still talking to her while taking pictures , i look so carefree. Mm-hmm, long conversation...
I'm such an angel! Aren't I? The angel of middle fingers.
Hey guys, i'm Ellen Degenerous.

And we lived happily ever after!

Met up with: Yoei, Suling, Andrew, Mikel, Ren and Yen, Uncle Josh and his GF, Kate (who couldn't recognize me!), Wen Pink and Simon!

Had an awesome time, see you guys again!

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