Sunday, May 18, 2008

Keith and Iris' Matrimony

On November 12th, my cousin - Keith, got married! (Although they just dated each other for 6 months)

Congratulations! After so much nagging about getting married since you're already in your thirties, you waited patiently for The One.
My Mom and I were late (LOL), but we had the privilege of watching them prepare to go in.

Xin Yi and I.

CUTE cuzzie! (Xinyi's brother)

The newly-weds, aww.

They received LOADS of angpau, and we were all counting them since there were so many.
WADS OF CASH MAN. Even Khee Long was so amazed by it.
I, personally, never seen so much money in my life before.
My aunty (cousin's mom) would always guess the amount of the thicker packets.
Guess how much Keith's mother-in-law gave?
Aunty guessed a thousand, i guess RM$800, Xin yi - $RM1,500, Khee Long - wor bu dong.
Aunty was right, like OMG right?
$$Money$$ The song goes," Cash rules everything around me."
The roses were EXPENSIVE, so obviously we took all of them home.
Xinyi's hairstyle specially done in a salon(her make-up too).

Sooo beautiful *sniffs*

Belated post. Sorry ya'll. I have over a dozen belated posts.

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