Sunday, January 20, 2008

Joshuana's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to Joshuana! I was invited to Joshuana's birthday party, which was pretty cool!

I was so bored on the way, and it was kinda jammed.

Part of the reason why i was late. I thought i was the only one till i saw Sherlyn there! aha!

Da Burtdey gal.

Hot, ain't she?
I had to take this photo (below) three times 'cus i couldn't contain my laughter. I had to bend my knees so low. roflmao.
Emo theme.
Happy theme.
Pointy theme.
Ezreena, Zoe, Sherlyn and Marielle!
Togetherness theme, although Marielle was obviously resentful.
Shy theme.
Supposedly french-kissing theme but it looked more like gossiping.

Esther Teo and I, she's such a hardworking genius!

Christine Tan and I! Miss you!
LMAO, my favorite pic!
Vit's cap.

Thanks for the invite! and loved it! Hope you liked me present which was a pathetic wonderful, Japanese, hand-made chopsticks which cost about 10 bucks =/
I forgot to go shopping for her presents so my mom dug that out.

I'm sorry T.T

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