Thursday, May 22, 2008


I had kept my simple New Year's resolution of sleeping early at 11 P.M for 5 months, until i started sleeping a little later... like at 12? But that was fine, i could still drift off to sleep.
But suddenly the same problem came back, i couldn't fall asleep. I'd lay on my bed for 2 hours woolgathering non-stop. Wondering what's wrong with me my whenever i snap out of it.

I had this bruise outta nowhere!
Simply bored, i took a picture in the mirror, i think it was like 1 A.M?
I thought about tying up my hair for school tomorrow, should i clip my fringe up again?
I guess, i don't look that weird, right?
It ain't so bad after all, however, i'm still sulking in this picture.

May 13th was when it all started. The unusual sleeping patterns and the frustrated nights of being unable to catch sufficient amount of sleep. Hopefully after the holidays, it'll be back to normal. Can't wait to go to Singapore and meet my babe -Sje Ting! We'll exercise in the gym and go for a sun tan in Sentosa! :D

Counting sheeps doesn't work, praying passes some time by, doing home work makes your mind more active, i don't know yoga and i won't consume sleeping pills again.


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