Monday, May 12, 2008

Ice Monster

Well today, i met up with Sherry and her friend - Ron! We were actually supposed to go to Swenson's to eat, but then this guy on the KSCB introduced us to 'Ice Monster'! Checked it out, it was at SS15.

We were so choosy, thinking about what to order. In the end?
That Ronny...
Sherry and I felt we could have a second serving, so we ordered one more!
Nice huh!?

Sherry called Nick, he came over, and ordered THIS! Like WHOA!
He ate it all by himself, amazingly.

The main reason of meeting up with Sherry was to finally make known to her, GELATOES!
OMG, how could she not know WHAT IT IS?!
Went over to Leo's (my WiFi place) and ordered a boat of gelatoes.
Ron, Zoe, Sherry :D
I wasn't the only one being dirty, FINALLY, Sherry dropped some food on the table.
Ron had a small "mole" on his fingers. I didn't even realize till Sherry laughed and told me.
I asked him to pose (without him knowing) and he was so... LOL?
Cute guy with chocolate mole, lawl!

We'll go to Swenson's next time yeah!?

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