Sunday, May 25, 2008


Yesterday went to church, and thank you Issey for picking me up! You're such a wonderful Helper. AND again, i didn't bother dressing up, i'm just so tired. Which is kinda weird.

Went to Asia Cafe for fellowship, and whoa! James had a baby cockroach in his dish, what a wonderful surprise. Had bible study, "Christian Lifestyle" I was halfway through the book 2 years ago, i could of completed all of the studies by now. BUT NO, i was too lazy and now i have to pick up the pieces. Darn it.

I went somewhere today! Guess?


I haven't been there for over a month, missed all the dear animals. So i asked my mom to drive me there tomorrow (yesterday).

These are the new found puppies, it seems that every week atleast there will be stray puppies. *sighs*

I gave him a dog stick! :x Well, it seemed that he wanted to kill me with that.
Cat section:

Kittens! So adorable, HUH!

Charlie ain't no angel, he HATES children and girls (especially).
Although he looks so cute here. PUI!
I went to visit the puppy section, these two poor fellas are sick. Their fur is course the brown one has problems breathing. Both of their noses are dry.

Adopt one, and shower them with love! They're really cheap, below RM$100!
Charlie was curious what i was holding in my hand, they were the doggy snacks (credits to Sereena).
Kept pulling it, greedy. He looks like the master of that cartoon show, "Akunamatata" ?

When he got one, he threw it on the floor. WHAT THE HELL, they're expensive!

He's the pettiest monkey ever, he ignores when he doesn't care/like you.

Back to the cats! LOVE THEM, i was playing around with the cats with one stick. They were really intrigued by it. i threw it into their water holder to see what they'd do.

*touch touch*
*poke poke*

She was digging the water.
Cats are such curious beings, what's so good about dogs except their constant love and loyalty? LOL. I think i just said the reason.

Cats are even cheaper to adopt around $50?
Come on! Go get one, don't buy from pet shops, they force domesticated animals to mate.
Naughty cat, it kept digging it's claws into my SHOES!
Garfield, hee.
Cats luurrrve being smothered, when i was petting this cat's back, it lifted his butt up, aww!

Curiosity... tsk* The one thing i love about cats is their feminine nature. They are always balanced, groomed, clean, gentle, and will scratch when threatened. Although they often get into fights. That's why whenever girls get into a fight, they call it a 'cat fight!'
Every pet has their favorite pet spots, cats will always have this location in common:

The sides of their necks.
The sides of their faces. She was purring. lol!
God. Now i know where the cat statues figure came from.


Strings! Play with them, much easier than jogging a dog.

Feeding time!

Look at all the stranded dogs. They might look unlovable, but they are after all, a man's best friend.
Another group of stranded stray puppies.
They need loving owners, why not you? :D

This dog below, was actually behind those fences, but it kept jumping out. So it had to be put into a cage. Smart dog.
I'm gonna adopt this one once i move into a house! Love you love you love you!
Oh yeah, CHARLIE HAS A NEW CAGE! He looks so lonely, he's also adoptable i think.

Atleast now he has more space and can exercise more. Thank GOD!

Go die Charlie!

Thanks Sereena for those doggy snack sticks. She gave them to me when i had a puppy, Emily!
Cutey eh. Gave it back 'cus i had difficulty toilet training it. =[
But hey, it was for a good cause, so it wasn't wasted! (:

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