Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year!

It's Chinese New Year! Gong hei fat choi! :D My Mom came back from K.L, and we drove us to Kluang to meet our fellow relatives. [$$_$$]

6th February - Wednesday.
It was a 2 hour drive, and i wasn't tired. So i was definitely bored.
We reached the huge house and i went to my cousins room to unpack, she changed her room a lot from the last time i went there.

Xin Yi and Zu er! :D


We were very bored, all the uncles and aunties chit-chatting and playing mahjong.
So we decided to stay in the room. Being free to do whatever we deemed entertaining.Tomorrow was the ceremony, so we wanted to paint our nails PRETTAY!
I did a simple french manicure.
It's extremely apparent that i'm showing off my LOVELY nails.

Us cousins cam-gang-banging.

I even drew on my skin with the nail polish. You can tell how bored we were, can't you?
Baby cousin using my phone to be vain~ We're so alike in many ways.

Our birthday are two weeks, but she's so sweet to still call me "JIE!"
Pretty, ain't she? (:

Thursday - 7th February

My Relatives.
My Family, but my dad was replaced with my grandma. :]

After that, we were just hanging around idly.

lmao! Silly uncle, hearts mommy!

Granny!<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Howe! I was like," GOODNESS HOWE, CAN'T YOU SMILE?!"
So i gave the idea of exchanging facial expressions.

Hmm, i prefer the first one.
Xinni cousin.

i love her blue contacts!

=x That ain't me... T.T
All of us were waiting for lunch... agh.
Although i didn't have much appetite, but i sure love this!
It sounds so lame, but so true!
The Emilys

We departed, visiting other friends and family.

Mommy's Giorgio Armani shade.

You can see the stress from her face =/
Um, Mom, i think the shades suit me more :D
I was hoping i'd meet more people.
And i still miss Woodlands very much, even though it sucked so much for what happened back then. Indeed, we all have a little dirty skeletons in our beautiful-looking closets.

February 9 - Saturday

I forgot which aunty we went to visit, but i haven't seen her in 5 years!
Miss her and her son, i still have the photo in my JB house. But i can't retrieve it anymore. ARGH~

Obscene =/

Looks like a dragon cum pig, but actually, it's a DOG.
The most friendliest one among the 3.

A little too friendly, he stepped on my bag. D=
He's uber duper cute, right?! He works in Singapore now, graphic designing if i'm not wrong.
Such a beautiful house T.T

Fluffy old dog, he's been very lethargic recently, so unlike him 5 years ago.

Bye aunty! i will see you again.
Went back to my cousin's "mansion" to stay overnight, 'cus tomorrow afternoon we would be heading back to J.B.

All i could think of when going back to Singapore was Woodlands!
Woodlands FTW? lmao, forget it.
I was rather showing off my nails than declaring my loyalty to that small, little, peaceful neighbourhood!

Peace, Latersxz.

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