Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cell Group

I went for Cell Group meeting today. I was actually reeally tired, did a mask and took a nap on the couch. Till it was like 7 P.M, Issey called that he'd be reaching in 5 minutes. GAH, so i was rushing my ass off. I'm so lazy to make myself up dolly nowadays. Last time, appearance was SUPER DUPER important to me, I'd spend one hour on making-up and deciding on what to wear.

Now? This shows my effort.

I look like some bloody Asian hippie. (hearts Jay Chou!)

I just don't care anymore.
Pad Mini and I, heh.
For games, we were playing a game of cards of addition. So two teams, each pair up... then it's their turn they flip open a card each and answer. Who ever is the fastest wins, while the loser gets an embarrassing tie on the hair or somewhere.

But Yee See looked absolutely angelic! A cutey, ain't she?!
It was my turn, I won the first time. Issey and I keep answering at the same time for like 6 times? So Sze Ying said to multiply. My card was a 6, his was 8.
"28!!" Issey shouted.
"48!" I corrected :D
Punished him by putting a hair clip on his ear.
Second time? I was a moment too late! Although i got the right answer 2 seconds after.
Damn you! I looked so MORONIC.
LMAO, at least it wasn't as bad as James. "Twin towers"

Say, " Mathematics!"
Sze Ying and saya.
I was pretty much "emo" today, i was still kinda blur after suddenly waking up and going off somewhere without becoming completely sober.
The meeting ended, and we went to SS15 to fellowship.
People were staring at me, ugh. NEVER SEEN A GIRL WITH A BEANIE CAP BEFORE?!
I guess not, well... not in Malaysia unless it's Genting (which was where i got it).

We went back at 12? I still have school! Last day, ANYWAY...
During praise report time, they asked if there were anymore testimonials, i shouted...
" Tomorrow's th-last day of school, holidays are NEXT WEEK! HALLELUJAH!"
And they all started laughing. o.o

Tze's first day in One Academy was really exhausting. Look at 'im!
It was this Tuesday, lawl! Now he takes my front seat of the car, screw you!

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