Thursday, May 08, 2008

Body Art

On Tuesday, May 6, i went all the way to TIME SQUARE just for this 2-hour class. i was thinking... WTH?! My Mom allowed me to be absent from school just for this! Awesome huh?

But the class ain't cheap, hundred plus just for two hours is kind of a rip-off. We reached around 9 A.M.
I've never seen a shopping mall so deserted.
Class was delayed since they were in a "jam". But anyway, here it is!
This isn't any ordinary paint, it's MINERAL color. So it's safe to use on your skin and as make-up.
This is quite new, franchised from Austrailia, and now even bridal agencies use this as an added design rather than jeweleries.

We must first dig out the color onto the palette.

Looks like my period, i know.

After that choose any color with white, and make flowers. (This is my first time)
You know that 8-petal flower? They call it Samura (or something)

Mine was so distorted, she was teaching me how to make a nice one, look at hers!(below)
Mine wasn't that bad after practising, although, she did say it was too close together.

I had a problem, my petals were fine, just the distribution of it. They all had to point to the center. I was always gonna make the PERFECT one, till the last petal always go side-ways.
My arm had no more space left to practise, so i had to wipe it off. Blooduh!
It is getting better, RIGHT?!
A few people were really interested and my teacher said she'll demonstrate what's it like.
Another aunty also k-poh, so she drew another one.
So pretty! :[ But there's more!

The end-product. Those little simple details make it so intricate and sweet.

THIS WAS THE MOST HATED PART! i did make nice pretty flowers in the end, but we had to outline it to make it more "gentle". i suck at outlining.

Teacher Bee did a beautiful demonstration on my arm! :D
The flowers were completed.
Next was the dotting.
And glitter.

and the end!
(Sorry for the overload of pictures but i loved it so much!)

If you use UV light, it'll glow!
THEN, the we had to do exactly THAT! So complicated, goodness!
I used my mom's arm. There was another girl in my class too.
Guess which one? :[

I did the uglier one. T.T
My design is on the left, while the girl's on the right. Darn! *sobs*
My mother and mine.
I did slight improvement after adding some yellow hue to the end of the petals.

So class was over, and Mom signed me up for the ONE-DAY class which costs over a thousand bucks. I was happy yet worried about my mom coughing up the money. I knew she couldn't afford it now, but for my experience and education she'd do anything. (:
Thank you Mom! *muahs*

We passed by Beijing 101. We both had healthy thick hair, it looks so disgusting up close!
She actually bought the SMALLEST-BOTTLE-EVER of shampoo and conditioner for 50 bucks!

I took this picture to practice for my body painting.
We were shopping around in Jusco and saw the UGLIEST cushions like EVA!?
Saw a cute dress and went to the changing room.
The front :D
Don't laugh!
The "un-sexy" back D:

Of course i didn't buy it. Had a fun time anyway.

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