Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is a pretty childish post but heck, i gotta! MY FIRST LIKE, EVER ADVERTISEMENT LIKE, ON MY BLOG! OUHH-MAII-GAWSHH!! =D But, for some people, it can't be seen :[
They said Nuffnang has been having some server problems recently. I wonder why... *sobs*

Well, I'm reeally happy! For some weird reason, 'cus it's like the first time, it feels really exciting?!
Like imagine... after getting married and on your honeymoon you're about to get laid! And finally know how it's like!
Okay... that was a bad example. Forget it. I'm just happy now. *Screams*
And I didn't join Nuffnang/Adsense to earn money really, just wanted to try it out. But if i ever really get advertisements, do click not bother about it! :D

AWESOME RIGHT! Strangely, after yesterday... never saw it again. *frowns*
Oh well, hope everything will be fixed soon. Super duper happy!
It might seem like a small thing to you, but it's a big issue for me! :D

Been slacking my ass of recently, I love studying. Just that... I'm so lazy. I wanna practice my drums/guitar and pick up piano while studying at the same time. I believe I could pick up pace if i did something i was more interested in. If i only i had the power of concentration =/
If only i were rich. I definitely do not want to become a bimbo or anything, just that i like to learn/take things slowly. Go with the flow, know?

Screw universities, screw certificates and degrees! What good are they anyway? Less educated people does not mean less intelligence, right? Ugh~ What FOR LOR. Unless, of course, you're interested at a particular ambition/course/subject. Some people are determined to go to universities for the sake of their face/reputation/dignity. Whatever! I will prove to eveyone i can make it it in life without a bloody piece of paper giving me credit. All you need is talent, determination and world domination! Eh, no... and perspiration!

Despite saying that, i am still very worried about my vague future now.
What to dooo...

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