Friday, April 25, 2008


So. For the past two days I've been reading a novel, a very old novel titled 'The Third Twin' by Ken Follett. I may not seem the type to read books, but surpisingly I can be quite of a book worm if i wanted to. I wouldn't recommend you reading this post, 'cus i forewarn you... it's gonna be a boring one! (:

I haven't read a book with such delight for two years! When i was 12-13 i was reading Darren Shan's series of vampire books. But i won't be talking about that today, anyway. After reading 'A Child Called It' given by Cindy or Brother Gabriel, i was searching for the continuation which was a trilogy. But failed to find it for two years, which was most probably the reason i stopped reading. Not wanting to continue to another book without "completing" or unraveling the first story. I tried Harry Potter... but it was such a bore with all the details and a such. Even 'The Da Vinci's Code' didn't impress me, i found it too long-winded. I hated novels, it was enough to make me avoid them for so many years after my unsuccessful quest of reading Harry Potter.

Seeing Marielle's interest in the book intrigued me to give it a try, so we switched. I borrowed her 'A Child Called It' and she lent me 'The Third Twin.' I loved non-fiction but sadly, this was like some bloody sci-fi. On Wednesday, we exchanged. This was the cover, there were several different covers. This book is so old I saw on a price sticker the date of 23rd September 1997, from the bookstore of PAL. It was afterall her dad's.

Pretty neat huh. Well, it's been my second day reading the book and i'm over half-way through it at page 376. I amazed myself that i could read that much too! In a minute i'm reading page 268, and the next thing i know i'm on 275! I was so engrossed in it, i totally didn't study and paid full attention on the book which the author totally deserved credit for. And no, i didn't skip any pages! Unlike Dan Brown's... i was practically jumping through paragraph's and as many unnecessary words that i deemed not beneficial. And if you're actually still reading this post, i'm asking you to stop because it's really pointless and just a waste of your precious time.

I left school around 3.15 P.M and a thought lighted up in my head to attempt to write an embarrassing novel of today as a post. So i am gonna hopelessly gonna try it, for the fun of it! Here it goes!:

I woke up at 8.15 in the morning by my phone's alarm, supposedly i turned it off but in my blur state i accidentally pressed snooze and it woke me up again 10 minutes later. Annoyed, i got up and changed. I usually took a shower in the morning, but remembering i had one last night and that i was gonna be late for school convinced me not to. My mom was up already which usually was odd, nevertheless i continued preparing - brushing my teeth, washing my face and tying up my hair. I gotten over the trauma of my atrocious fringe, I can never look at myself the same way i did two weeks ago again. Perhaps i'm exaggerating, i was always against superficiality... but my self-esteem has gone down. Pinned it up, and went to school as usual. I dreaded to be late because the past two days, i was barely 5 minutes late and was detained on the first floor with 20 other students till 10.45 A.M (which was the time break was over).

Thank God. I arrived just on time, the others learned their lesson too. I was happy as usual, but every morning someone would never fail to spoil my joyful mood - teacher Jonathan. I forgot there was chapel today, so as i took out the contents of my bad on my table i greeted my school-mate good morning and she with good manners greeted back with a smile. Suddenly teacher jonathan was with his habitual assumptions that i was dragging time. "Don't waste time! Go for chapel, quicky! Don't try to drag time here ah... go down now!" he ordered with his annoying ear-irritating voice. I was immediately peeved although i tried to ignore him and went along. To my horror, he was so-called "preaching", Jonathan doesn't preach, he shits. And i finally fully understood the meaning of the word shitting. I will never call anyone 'shit' again, because shit can't shit. It wouldn't make sense now, would it? The only logical term to insult someone was saying they were shitting, or criticizing that they were full of it. What a weird revelation i gotten from this.

Michelle and I were sleeping, supporting each other by leaning our heads side by side. After chapel was over we yawned and went upstairs for break. Ate her M&Ms and chatted for awhile, but soon we had to go back to study. I wasn't interesting in studying today, i only cared about finishing the novel Marielle gave me. I didn't even read one sentence of my work. I just wore my red jacket, plugged in my Ipod Shuffle and opened 'The Third Twin'.

Continuing from page 282, I read on and on till 318 when i was disturbed by Andrew, he told me i had B.M class. I looked at the clock and it was only 11 A.M, usually it was 1.30 on Monday's and Friday's. I went down and did some Malay. Boy, I have improved in reading but understanding and articulating Malay was a tough job for me. But still, i am very enthusiastic about it. I wonder why the other antagonized it, they asked, "What for?" To me, it was a very stupid question, i answered back, " 'Cause you're in Malaysia."

Even though it is quite true that over here in K.L most people here spoke English and Cantonese, but it is still the nation's language and NAME. It was one thing to be dumb, but what bothered me the most was why some people were so lethargic in learning something new and useful! It could become an asset in the future, but with such attitude... it'd be futile. Oh well, after a conduction of spelling i went back and continued reading the book, even during lunch time. I wouldn't have much to say except that i took off my shuffle and was so into the book that the noises in my surrounding didn't distract me, that was visualizing EVERY word in my head. It was so surreal, it was like a movie. Just that i imagined the appearance and location of things. I didn't expect books to have such an impact on people, especially me! Some people find a lot of books entertaining or interesting. But i'm usually more picky, in fact, i'm quite choosy in almost everything i do. There isn't anything wrong with being fastidious.

When i awoke from my imagination, it was half an hour before school was over and I bookmarked my page at 376. Just 266 more pages to read! I love this book, i have never seriously, enjoyed a book this much for so long! My mom bought me two books for my birthday, it wasn't my type of books. My mom likes the Feng Shui, Ying Yang, How-To-Be-Rich type of books. I just simply like real life stories (because usually fiction or particularly teenage fiction were unimaginably fake and dubiously predictable), like Chicken Soup For The Soul, although i never bought one, but you can just tell how inspirational it is. I saw the T.V series anyway. But interesting sci-fi's are an exception. I absolutely abhor Romance novels. They are such a turn-off. Overly mushy, exaggerated faith and true love. I read an article that people who liked these type of books wanted to escape from their reality. They called it 'escapism'. I never thought of it that way, i usually thought alcohol and drugs were the common ways. It never occurred to me that anything could be used as a way to relieve yourself from the worries and hurt of today's life.

From the vastly popular of drugs/alcohol abuse, to overworking or plainly to be in denial and baking, washing, gaming and reading. All these were suppose to take the negative thoughts out of our mind and to focus on something imaginary or simple. Back on track, I called my Mom after school to pick me up. Marielle was beside me and was nervously questioning me about something, whether i had told anyone her secret. I asked, "Do i look like the type that exposes secrets!?"
"Well... do you really want me to answer that?"
"Honestly, I do think so. But did you tell anyone i liked him?" And i started to frown that my friend didn't trust me.
"Come on, i didn't even tell anyone about the pimple on your nose" as i saw another friend who was right behind Marielle. " I didn't tell anyone, i swear! Why did you think i would tell, anyway?"
She was relieved yet unsure, " 'Cus like you're really open and all.. but hey... thanks!"
"yeah, you too...I understand since we're not really close or best friends anyway."
She knew i was dismayed so she tried to cheer me up, "Well, we're like book friends! You're like the first person i borrowed a book to! I usually keep it to myself."
And i realized that i never did too! So i told her that and she went off to chat with Danielle.

I lived roughly 3 minutes away from school by car. So i immediately packed my bag and walked towards the door. I saw Marielle chatting with Danielle, and said "Bye hun!" and pecked her cheek. I sucked in my lips though, because i had put Vaseline on earlier. Wouldn't wanna smudge any on Marielle's face, would i(that'd be gross D:)? As i was waiting outside the gate, Timothy was riding his bicycle, he was kind to offer me a lift and i was thrilled! I called my mom to cancel the trip and she was unquestionably mad. I was so delighted when i got on his bicycle, he lived in USJ2 which was about a 8-minute drive. I was talking to him and reminiscing my past. He asked if it was the first time i hitched a ride on a bicycle since i was so "worked-up" in a way. I confirmed it was the first time in Malaysia. I immediately thought about the times in Singapore, where Alex, Elisha, Yu yun, Ah wei, Zhen rui, Nicholas, and in the latter - Si ying would hang out from 11 P.M till dawn cycling around Singapore. It was 2 years back, but it brought some fun times though mostly negative. No doubt we were some sort of hooligans, and we were screened by the police umpteen times but was it memorable!

I then had a flashback of my first bicycle. I was 9 or 10, and i've been bugging my parents for a bicycle. Finally, on my birthday 9th/10th birthday, they got me one! I chose the most amazing color - red. Shiny, beautiful, and a dream fulfilled. I loved my parents, when they took me to the bicycle shop. A hundred bicycle's on display, it was brilliant. I reached my place by then, i thanked Timothy once again and returned home on a happy note.


That was sure boring, wasn't it? For those who didn't read, i'm glad. But if you did, that was very thoughtful of you to do so. It was a terrible time though, haha! I'm done now, I guess wanna post pictures tomorrow.

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