Sunday, April 20, 2008

Frozen @ Sunway Pyramid

Went to Sunway Pyramid on Earth Day. To support FREEZE! So what we do is just freeze/stone for 4 minutes. The meet up point was the circle at the ice-skating arena, then we moved to Jusco. It was very noisy, then they started counting down. Ren handed me a cracker, seeing the creative side of other people bring items such as a cactus, bears and toys.

10!9!8!7!6! I was staring nervously at Ren.
5!4! Thinking of a pose.
3! Stuck out my leg for no reason.
2! opened my newly bought book at Popular
ONE! Froze.

Those two girls behind me were talking.
GirlA: *laughslaughslaughs*
GirlB: *gigglesgiggles*
GirlA: we shouldn't be laughing you know! we're moving!
GirlB: we shouldn't be talking too!
GirlA: they only say canot move, but can still talk right! *giggles*
GirlB:*laughslaughs* but we're moving!
I was getting very peeved.
After a little more chatter, they finally shut up.

A malay girl crossed Ren, stole his cracker and while she passed him by put it back into his fingers. LMAO!
Two guys shouted from above(the audience) " EAT YOUR BISCUIT!"
Ren's stoning. i think he must be thinking, " MMM* crackerrrrr."
After that, we all finally relaxed. Too bad they didn't play the song "Four minutes".
The hot Sherry!
hundreds of people came to join in this event.
Look at the spectators!

Ren, Sherry, Zoe.
We were thinking of where to go, and in the end we went to J.Co after walking around in circles.
Thanks Ren for buying us half a dozen of 'em!
The Donut, ahem, was LEAKING! like, i don't know what the hell happened.
It just started to leak.
Chocolate oozing out, IT WASN'T ME, I SWEAR! LOL~
Sherry was the LADY of the group.
She said amazingly, " Honestly, i've never seen anyone eat like that before."
I replied, " I'm ONLY fifteen!"
Sherry, being sarcastic," You're ALREADY fifteen."
Okay, fine,you win.
Ren was pretty amused with my... consumption of the donut. LOL.
Done by sherry, Thank you darling!



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