Friday, April 18, 2008

Digi Event

Nick invited Kate and I to go for some Digi event and I wasn't really expecting much except for boring talks and giveaways. We arrived early and waited for Robb. Went to the food court to chew a bit. Robb arrived and we went down. We registered and received a bag of Digi freebies! Aww, how nice.

Robb, Skyler, some bloody pervert DiGiman wannabe, Me, and Kate.
In those yellow boxes contain millipedes, centipedes and other bugs, with THE KEY of possibly unlocking the Ipod Shuffle.

After messing around we played the snakes and ladders game.
Robb was first, Kate the 2nd, the orange dude the 3rd while i was the fourth.. blabla.

I won first! YAY! I didn't have to do any dares unlike kissing an iguana like Kate and Robb or taking a dice right beside a snake.
I wasn't expecting the next thing the winner was to do, put their hand in a box filled with LIVE crickets but there are plastic lizards determining your prize.

I was indeed shocked, but thank GOD! A Malay lady saved the day by giving the choice of doing that dare or taking a mysterious gift. I chose the gift since i was a post-paid DiGi user, and the best prize in that cricket-filled box was a pen drive/RM$50 DiGi top-up.

Next was Robb who won, despite being the first came second to me! :P
He decided to try his luck but what did he get in return?
But it was the adventure that counted right? :D (HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA)

The conclusion of the event came when they announced the 3 Ipod Shuffles were up to give to those lucky winners who held The Key.

I stood right next to the cage that held the shuffles captive, watching people's reaction and frustration when they couldn't open the damn lock to free it. I kinda felt like Jesus observing how people gave their offerings. O.O
Nick and I compared our keys, it was different. I had a euphoric thought that MAYBE... just MAYBE, it could be ME.

But i kept my hopes at bay, not wishing to disappoint myself and decided to give it a go.
And to my surprise...
My hands were reaching for the IPOD SHUFFLE! THANK YOU DIGI! Thank you NICK! And indirectly Robb whom invited Nick who invited me. I screamed for awhile, not believing my luck.

But still, knowing it was a blessing from GOD as i prayed for the key from the very beginning.
Having a slight uncertain feeling that mine was the ONE!

To all the other dozens of people who didn't get it: HAHA SUCKERS! Nah, kidding. :]
Praise the Lord! :D Always wanted a 'MP3' but didn't really desired for one since phones are so versatile these days.

Happy happy joy joy~
The Indian man and I shook hands, because seeing him win before me, i looked at him and said, " I hope it'll be me!" And he encouraged by saying, "Ha Ha... Try it!"

Kate won it tooo! Congrats.

So after there was some free desserts. Kate and I went to try it, YUMMY!
Then another passer-by thought it was free food for everyone and anyone.
But NO, only for the MEDIAS. The person serving said," Sorry, these are only for people of the media." And the paiseh man returned the plate and walked away.
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Bloggers are now recognized as minor journalists - the MEDIA.
Of course we felt honored, people are starting to recognize the power/influence of bloggers and what they say can affect their very reputation.

THE POWER OF BLOGS. WOW. Continuing...
I was dying to hold the python, and asked whether i could.
They agreed! Yay!

Snakey snakey.

I forgot who asked me to kiss it. The scales are so COOL!

Met new bloggers too! Took this pic from Joshua's blog.

The point of this whole event was to show people you don't have to do CRAZY/INSANE/UNTHINKABLE things to win RM$100,000.
All you have to do it top-up $RM50 to your DiGi Prepaid.
Do it now!
Loads of cash prizes and consolation prizes to giveaway for those lucky ones.

DiGi, Always The Smarter Choice.

After that, we went to The Curve's Charm. Thailand food yeah?
Everything was 50% off supposedly by Robb's SMS.
But when we arrived, they already put a half discount on food. Atleast Robb's SMS saved some bucks on the drinks. (:

The Blogger Family? (LOL)

Bored =/

Nick, Kate and I went to Robb's house after to see his Shih Zu! Which i pronounced as SHIT ZOO. LOL. =x
CUTE CUTE CUTEE!!! I love him :x Wanted to steal him away. *sighs*
Even showered him. And blew him (WITHA HAIR DRYER), and combed him, and played with Zuzu.
Zuzu's also my nick, if you know my Chinese name, you'd understand why.

Thanks Robb for letting us over! It was fun, and i will come back for Zuzu next time!

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