Sunday, April 13, 2008

Amazing Race cum Haircut Day!

Today was Amazing Race with our Church zone at The Pyramid. Was pretty fun yet annoying.
Ha, not gonna blog much about it due to lack of pictures. One of tasks was to search in F.O.S and wear something worth of RM100.

Shirt- $RM50
Bag- Sama-sama.

After that, went to Brickfield to get the bangs i've always wanted! :D
The new guy washing my hair first.
So the most experienced lady trimmed by hair and just in a split second my 4-inch long fringe was GONE! Like *BAM!*
It was at eye level, then my mom said," Hmm, shorter. Don't want to block the eyes."
She just cut one part of it shorter. It was freaking uneven, and bloody UGLY.
Wow, great hairdresser~ *rolleyeballs*
LLOOOK! I had to wear the cap i stole from Peter's head to cover my humiliation.
Then it was howe's turn.
Look how gay he is! HAHAHA.

It turned out really nice and neat. But he was complaining it was too short/thin.
Whatever, you'll grow it all back in two weeks. We should try experimenting on shaving you bald and how fast it'll take to grow back. Most probably a month.

I have lost all sense of esteem and confidence. Tell me you'll still love me! T.T

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