Saturday, April 19, 2008

Adobe Illustrator

Last year, around February, I signed up for computer classes. All about Adobe designing. I loved it! Was fun, cool, and i learned a new skill. At first it was kinda odd.

This was my first piece of my work of "art".
Pathetic i know, but it has gotten better!

My second assignment? Simply create a bee and put bushes around it.
And name it! The others put: Cute bee, pretty bee, hello bee... (or something).
I named mine 'Horrible Bee'.
Sucked too. (Oh well~)

On my third assignment, i was to draw out a flower (using the tools of course) with the Bee i created to make it appear sucking the pollen. (Not really).
And name my work yet again. My friends all put cute names.
But I...

My 2nd last work was to create a company logo with all the other formal shit.

The Logo:
The Letterhead:

The Name card:
The Envelope:
That assignment alone, took me one month to complete. I only had time to do it once or twice a week. =/ You might wonder, why is everything blue? That's the company's trademark color.
Just like Digi's yellow. And Hotlink's red.

Just when i thought the worst was over, we were asked to do a brochure to give the tourist.
Pictures of the animals/sceneries were given. But everything else, we had to do our own.
Teacher said mine was the best because i bothered to design "Malaysia's Tourism Board"
And write " Malaysia Truly Asia". Which last year, Malaysia was promoting tourism and using that phrase as it's uh... trademark?

It ain't that bad right! :D Say i improved tremendously!
Well, the last one before i left for K.L is on the school's computer. I didn't get to save it on my thumb drive :[
We were suppose to trace a picture, i chose the hardest. But i found it beautiful! Damn it, should of took it before i came here. I wonder if it's still on the computer... *ponders*

I was bored one day and drew this:

'PLEASE.' color's actually bold red. Why is it blue!?!?
I haven't design anything on Adobe Illustrator for almost a year now. I think i've forgotten almost everything about the tools :[

What do you think of my work? :D

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