Thursday, March 20, 2008

Talent perhaps?

Now, the image on top is the "essay" i wrote. Not really an essay though. Anyway, Bible 901 Q. 3.23 told me to assume i was an eyewitness reporter at the baptism of Jesus. Write a 300-word report of the events which occurred at His baptism.

So i did, i read Mark 1:1-11.
And i thought about it for FIVE minutes, and wrote the whole thing in 10 minutes.
I didn't really know what to write, or how to make it interesting. Just simple and concise.
SURPRISINGLY, Teacher Jonathan praised me so sososo SOOO much. I was like, " He must be exaggerating, dumb ass. But hey, that was nice of him." And he even read it to the whole class... :D
So i didn't think it was THAT good, so today, after cell group, while Faith was sending me back. I told her about it, and asked for her comments after reading it. And she said it was really really good and she liked my style of writing. I was like...whoa, this feels good!

I remember when i wrote an essay for the school magazine, Marielle also said my style of writing is good. O.o

This was the article for the school magazine, which was deeply opposed by the guys. Gee, losers.

"Hellos! I would like to talk about the sexes. =D To me, it is a big issue about who’s paying the bill. I believe that in the 21st century, woman are rising in power and wealth. That we “girls” don’t need to depend on guys to get the dough anymore.

In my family, my mom’s was the breadwinner, while my dad… well let’s just say. My mom was totally a modern, independent woman paying for everything in the family. Indeed, GOD created man first, and then woman. We were made to accompany Adam of his loneliness. But then, why is it that men recently seems to be declining in effort of their responsibility?

Nowadays, lasses don’t even do chores or know how to cook. When in the past, cooking and cleaning was all a woman could do, and must know to get married off. Cheap fast food restaurants are everywhere and maids are easily hired. I guess that singlehood is now a positive reality. Most guys aren’t really gentlemen anymore like in the old times, and girls ain’t that ladylike too. i would like to categorize women of the modern life into three distinctive group, the independent, neutral, and the gold digger. And for guys, the neutral, the desperate, the player.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but those are my opinion. Boys aren’t really serious about a lasting relationship, and girls are just obsessed with money and fame. I’m not talking about EVERYONE, but the majority of the “worldly” people. Why should men be placed above women? Have you every heard of a female president? Maybe guys mostly think that females will screw the whole country up ‘cause every decision we make are emotional. We ought to show them that we can think logically and straight in tough times and worst-case scenarios! Even though now, genders are more equal on the weighing scale. There’s still a noticable difference, which I think it should be justified. Woman kill too, not only man. Some cases are more gorey and sickening! It shows we can absolutely do the same ;) I think the millions of rape, molesting, and physical abuse cases shouldn’t be ignored EITHER. It shows the inability of self-control too.

So this comes to my conclusion, why do guys have to foot the bill to seem like a gentleman worth dating? Why not girls? Unless of course the guys taking advantage financially, but that was not what I meant. So cheers to Operah! And all the female world changers out there!


I did’t really know what to write, so you guys can delete anything unnecessary. Or the whole thing! LOL, And just type something about me liking cherries. Hope it’s alright though. I was seriously was at lost about what to write. BYE!

Emily. ;P "

They said i could write ANYTHING i wanted, free topic. So i just wrote anything i could think of, and a few people call me a yea.

Hmmm, maybe blogging really is my kinda thing. I dooo love blogging after all.
So that's all for today! Wish i could blog everyday... with my (future)VAIO laptop.

And a nice nice webcam, with a nice microphone, and woofers! WOOHOO!

Praise The Lord.

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