Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nuffnang's 1st Anniversay

I was invited by Kate to go for Nuffnang's Pyjamas Party! WOOHOO! It was at Borneo Baruk Club. So my mom drove me to the LRT to take a train all the way to KLCC. Where Kate, Charlie, Steph and her friend was. But i came late. (Aww.)

On the way to the LRT!
I was thinking of wearing it all the way, but i didn't wanna attract unnecessary attention. Thus, i took it off and stuffed it inside my bag. It was the first time taking the train alone in Malaysia.
And after i bought the ticket i was trying to figure how to go through the machine.

I thought it was like Singapore's EZlink. So i tapped it - nothing happened.
The guard on my left told me to insert it into the slot, so i had a grip on it thinking i was just suppose to let it scan. But NOOO! It sucked it in and my fingers were "squished". So i was like, "Ouch!" The guy laughed, and asked in Malay if i was Malaysian. I just smiled and said it was my first time and off i went. Since i was in a rush.

I was very proud, traveling on my own! HAHAHA. My first time ever! IN MALAYSIA!

I was kinda cold in the LRT, i was tempted to take my PJs out and wear it. But it would be embarrassing.
I arrived! In K.L City. And i was absolutely astonished by this building. It was illuminating the night's sky.

I asked a cab driver to drive me to BBC. And he said "K! Dua puluh($20)!"
I was like EFF YOU LAH. It was barely a 3 minute drive from here.
So i said, i lacked cash and made it $10. WHICH WAS STILL A BLOODY RIP-OFF FOR A 3-MINUTE DRIVE.
Stephanie Kok! Hot as ever.

Those girls were called Nuffies, apart from the beautiful Dawn Yang!
And Nuffnang had a presentation from various popular bloggers which included:Kenny Sia, Dawn Yang, Xia xue, some jap girls, some doc, some geek, Jayden and a girl. Honestly, i'm not much of a blog hopper/reader.
That's MEMEMEMEE! Cute yea? =x

Dawn Yang and Xia xue.
And then there was some couple stuff...

Kate received a t-shirt saying "7 inches". LMAO, while her partner got the " Edison took pictures of me". They should of switched! Aww.
Kenny Sia arrived! And the Malaysia Dream Girls came, and they were to pick anyone they wanted to pose with them.

Cindy picked me, so sweet right? :D
Kenny was asking me what my name and blog url was. I replied, " ragdoll rouges."
He couldn't hear -.-
So this was the first few seconds when they started posing. So I observed.
Looking like a complete idiot.
And i was really shy knowing hundred of people were looking at us. So i humbly attempted to copy Cindy. I was so pathetic. LOL~
Deciding to boost my confidence to win that RM$200 worth of Wella products.
I lifted myself up and dumbly looked at the ceiling.

And i got it! YAY! Thank you Wella, and mostly Nuffnang!

Kenny posing with the girls.

After that Kate went for a toilet break, dragging me along. It was a very "natural" scene for a toilet.

Leprechauns! ARISE!

Also i got this free movie tickets for two. To watch ANY movie I want :D

Nuffnang's birthday cake! ahhaha. Cutee! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUFFNANG!

Kate noticed the MDG hovering around at the balcony, and both of us went on top to take pictures with them.
Kate holding Robb's ginger breadman and I!
Kate, me and Cindy! She may appear to be bitchy on the show, but she ain't that bad... right?
uh... US!
The event was sponsored by Chipsters which tastes absolutely DELICIOUS!
Stolen pictures =/

Bananas in pyjamas are hugging everywhere~

Kate, Xia xue, Mike and I. HA-HA, she's shorter than me! :P

And I FRIGGIN KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I saw one of the photographers snapping shots at me when i was looking into Kate's mirror to check my teeth out. But i somehow assumed, he was just testing his camera. I was wrong =/

UGH! !@#$%^&*()
But hey, it wasn't THAT bad right? :D

Thank you Nuffnang, Chipsters, and whoever blaalal. and Kate..
Totally enjoyed it. was so much fun!

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