Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jia Zheng's Birthday!

My baby cousin Jia Zheng has turned one year old! Love you! So we went some fanciful chinese restaurant named Overseas Restaurant in Jaya One, if i'm not mistaken.

Mommy and her baby birthday boy.
His delinquent, naughty elder sister.
Since he's only one, he can't eat much solid food. So he was fed porridge while the rest of us enjoyed the delicacies. Aww, poor birthday boy. The reason for the celebration who can't celebrate. He didn't even know he was the cause of it, and was so adorably blur.

Looks yucky, but i assume it must be great! :D
Even his sister - Zu xin, wanted some. Such greedy sibling... *tsktsk*

Uncle Steven and his wife with their two children, including Zu xin!
Look! She's so shy. I was wondering maybe in the future they could get married!
Random pictures.

Some uncle put Jiaxin on the table, and he would think he is the king! Always lifting his arms up.
And after, we left~ I know i dressed pretty casual for a dinner. But heck, it was only a one year old's celebration. Not some wedding or something.


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