Monday, March 03, 2008


I just feel, we ain't doing enough to protect the Earth!
GOSH! Especially my mama, I'm so fed-up with her at times, for not switching off the fan and lights.

Always always, after cooking she'll take out the dishes and leave the lights on, and eat dinner at the dinner table. You say electricity is cheap since it's only for awhile, IT AIN'T MONEY ISSUES PEEPS, IT'S THE OXYGEN MORONS. I don't persuade people for money, I tell because i care.

And whenever you're brushing your teeth you leave the water running. Is your bloody saliva producing freshwater?! NO!

I have this gut in me, whenever I get too lazy to go around turning off the lights/fan, i look at them. As guilt starts to seep in, all i can think about is how much energy i could of saved turning it off and helping the Earth. Until I can ignore no longer, i get up and switch it off.

Shit those who smokes, shit those who think they have all the money to pay for the waste of water and electricity. Most of all, shit those who litter and pollute!

Rather than smoking, why not sniff some cocaine, or swallow some crystal meth shitlers!
Stupid people who are too self-centered to give a damn about the important things of life, things that SUSTAINS life.

So, do your best! Conserve, reserve so that it'll PRESERVE!
Oh GOD! Help US.

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