Sunday, January 06, 2008

One Utama - Rain Forest

Mom dropped me off at One Utama one day, just to look around. And i was kinda lost trying to walk over to the New Wing, so i somehow got to Rain Forest and they had a mostly-reptile exhibition. Paid 10 bucks for the ticket. I'm not gonna write much, since it's just to save some info on my blog about these interesting creatures!

The parrot at the entrance.

Once i got in, i started snapping photos like mad.

My prince!

That fella on the left was naughty, when i was taking a close-up picture on him...
he grabbed my bloody phone! Thank God i was holding it tightly
moron :P

On second thoughts, i'm not kissing that mice-eating toad/frog. I guess i won't have my happily ever after.

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