Friday, January 04, 2008

I love Candy!

At school today, Kent brought around 5-6 heart-shaped lollipops. But they tasted horrible! UGH! YUCK YUCK! But hey! Thanks a lot!

As i walked outta the door, little Shawnie was there! Everyone had just found out about my tongue piercing. So he kept asking me what it was...
and showing very retarded looks.
I can't figure why people twist their tongues when they ask me to show mine, as if they're experiencing it too.
Weird kid.
Carrying on with my obsession of the "cute" candy!

Finally bore to take a bite outta it!
*YUCK* puipuipuipui!
Nicholas also wanted to try!

He's so cute right! ahahah!

We both went to The Summit to see the boss of El Rancho, an interview! Everything was pretty normal, till he asked what was in my mouth.
I just shook my head saying it was nothing.

What a horrible liar i am.

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