Saturday, January 05, 2008

1st day of work - El Rancho

Greaty! First day of work was cool, did more of observation than work. Learnt quite some stuff. Yong loon and Nicholas Chong were my "accomplices".

We're so cool!
After work, we ran to MyDin, which was a 3-minute walk from El Rancho.
I was jumping and hopping around joyfully! Excited as ever. And ordered some drinks and food.

I was cam-raping...again.
Nichong!<33 Thanks alot buddy for getting me this job! (:
ironic poses.
Then Yong loon wondered, "How come she didn't do kawaii poses de?"
Nicholas replied, "She's not those QQ one in friendster one de la...doing the 1,2,5 one." in chinese.
And i was like, " Eew, so act cute lor! But i can also do it!"


Mommy and Nicholas' mom came too! And we went home around 11P.M.

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