Monday, December 10, 2007


Yay! Lol, Since yesterday, i changed my blog URL. I really want a permanent URL that i'll always like and never change. So from there, I can slowly start building my blog up.
hmmm, limme try to remember my previous addresses:


...and i forgot the other two. Hmm, I need something unique, something that's me. boo, now it's gawdaughter! LOL! Well, this is just for myself. It feels really nice that people doesn't know what you're writing, or how I really feel.

If my friends were psychic, man. I'd be a dead girl by now. Sometimes, i just wish to rant and complain but knowing the consequences of people reading, and objecting my opinion are terrifying. Some people just can't respect privacy, or accept a passing remark. And i can't just publicly blog about someone without souring relationships. Maybe i should keep my blog private? Lol, whatever. Zoe, it's all up to you. Listen to your heart. 'cus nobody will ever understand the best except for yourself and GOD.

haha, Emily, i'm kinda sad though. I had about 40-50 viewers a day. =/ I know it's not ALOT, but still, i could of influence. Of good thoughts. hmm, i'm not saying i wanna be a famous blogger. Just a person who people would respect. and consider my advice. Believing my words and likes my stuff. you know? I totally understand you Zoe. Like, totally.

I just want a happy Christmas, i just want a snowy season. I want my old life back. I... I... feel like crying all the time. 'cus everybody hates me, everybody hates me. Nobody cares. I know they're fake. I rancor their superficiality. I abhor their judgements and labels of me. They don't know a shit about me. If only, i could scream it out, if i could just spend a wonderful snowy Christmas with Jesus presence alongside.

So sad, so speechless. i wonder how it'll turn out. I want a GREAT Christmas, like never before.Will i live to experience that soul founded moment. I lost my childhood too early. 8, why not 12. Just 4 more years, it'd make a world of difference to me. But no, i had to grow up this way. *laughs*

a perfect smile forgets all frowns.

thanks Christian, for this beautiful duo color effect. I chose it of course ;p Maroon and peach. A work of wonder. voi-la!

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