Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Pavilion

I wrote about it before. haa.

This was my pathetic Christmas tree :D I love it, don't you?

Oh, and i went to meet Joseph Gan with Howe.

And you always know i HAVE to take DOZENS of pics of myself before going out.

It's just, totally me (:

So we flagged for a cab, some Indian dude. And he was reeally weird. D:
He thought we were be an item, so he totally didn't talk to me.

Zoe & Howe
When he found out we were SIBLINGS, he was like " OHHH. you have to explain mah, that's why i didn't talk to her. blablabla*"

And he kept talking about Akon and said he's some NIG, and his 3 wives.

i was like, " Ugh, whatever man."

As we were nearing, i took out my Bonia shades since it was indeed, a very sunny day.

The entrance was pretty awesome.
But we were reeally impressed when we stepped INSIDE.
Beautiful ain't it?

Howe's having Baskin Robbins with his imaginary friends. Aww.

And there was a symphony!
I went Christmas shopping at PARKSON! Bought loads of stuff.
And this is the teddy i gave to that wretched man LOL.

The End!

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