Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Pavilion

WOW! Went to The Pavilion yesterday. YES! The one and only, in K.L Bukit Bintang. With Howe and Joseph. IT WAS SO GRAND, i was astounded. So beautiful, high-class and MAGNIFICENT! But of course, with a hefty price on all branded stuff. No cheapos, no nothing. it's EVERYTHING BABY! ;x

Joseph was kinda late, and we kinda forgot he was coming :x so we bought tickets for Alvin and The Chipmunks. Really CUTE, but this girl who was sitting beside me was so annoying. She kept repeating what they said in a "cute" voice. Ruining the my mood, i wanted to ask her to S-T-F-U. But oh well.

And and i bought like ALOT of stuff. Finally got to buy The Body Shop's environment itally-friendly and protesting bag of : AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING, SUPPORT COMMUNITY TRADE, DEFEND HUMAN RIGHTS, PROTECT OUR PLANET, and, ACTIVATE SELF-ESTEEM.

Pretty cool huh.

I didn't buy it because it was nice, or pretty. But personally, I support it's shout-out. When i grow up, i plan to join WWE, take part in PETA, design environmentally-friendly stuff, and help the SPCA! And catch animal abusers! I just HATE people who doesn't give a damn about the Earth. People killing animals for fur, friends ESPECIALLY plucking out leaves for no reason.


It's so inconsiderate and hurting to the plant. When i tell my friends to stop, in Singapore, they started ripping the leaves, making it more painful. So i get really fed-up with them. And start avoiding them the next time I see them. So please, RESPECT NATURE.

GOD told us to dominate the Earth, not pollute, corrupt, extinct and destroy it.

I bought a whole lot of small stuffed animals for my friends present. It hurted alot, when I had to pay, $RM72.65 in total. I think i bought 9 stuff from them. I was heart broken, but Joseph said it was for my friends, so it's good. Yeah, for a good cause, it sounds like i'm giving it to The Salvation Army. Well well, now that i brought it home, i hope to keep it all to myself!
The wrapping took very long, and Joseph was famished, so i asked a guy to wrap it and label it with a pencil of the item when it's finished, so that i knew which one to give to my friend. He seemed a lil' frustrated that he had to wrap so many and still label it.

Off we went to eat at the foodcourt, BREADTALK was there! WOW! And Lavenders, the Japanese cream puff, was also there, so NICE. and it was only $RM3.3o, in Singapore $S2. Treated Joseph one. After finishing, went back to Parkson, very sweet of him, they didn't have a pencil, so they wrote it on a blank piece of white paper, and tapes it on them, i was very grateful.
And i suddenly felt this sudden urge to give him something, there was one unwrapped santa teddy in my parkson bag. And i had a very strong urge to show him my appreciation and just really needed to wish him a merry merry Christmas even though he was a Malay. So i kept asking Joseph, should I? Or should i not? i don't know. As we walked away, i asked Joseph to give it to him for me, and pass a message," Thank you for the extra effort. Treat the bear well, Have a merry merry merry Christmas. And GOD bless!"

I felt so relieved when i finally decided to give it to him, Joseph came back and told me he was VERY happy and was smiling and laughing all the way. :D Thank God. And thank YOU Joseph.

Went to Memory lane, I saw this cute bear! For RM$10 only! =D I had $23 left, went to check the other stuff. I didn't see Joseph with, wondered where he went. And when i came back, he bought it for me! SO SWEET RIGHT. But it was actually for free, you had to sign up for a membership card of Memory Lane's. And you get that for free. So i signed up too, and gave mine to him. So now we have the same teddy given by each other. LOL, i wanted to make it formal. So i switched back, and made him shake hands with me and handed each other the teddy. Lame, i know. :D

Went to eat and Howe drove us all home.

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