Friday, November 30, 2007

October's Trip

Remember in October, there was a one week holiday. So i decided to go down to Singapore.
But i went to The Sunway Pyramid first to work out.

This was my red-nails disaster. D:<
Totally oblivious to what was gonna happen. The humiliation!
And there was sooooooooo many people. So crowded. I hate the crowds.

So after, went home and packed. Boarded the train. A half-bald Indian sat infront of me.
I giggled.

NEVER take the train. it's damn uncomfortable.
And while sitting peacefully, two Indian that came on board after a few stops were very annoying. They were like looking at me and saying some stuff in Malay which i could slightly comprehend. Was so disgusted. After 9 hours of sitting my ass off, i reached JB. And rested at my grandma's house for a day and went off to Singapore the next, WAS pathetically sick.
I met Sje Ting at Boots and Shoes. We hugged. aww, she was taking care of me like an elder sister. So we bought cheeseballs at Cavana, sat there and ate my medicine.

Blurry, but it was imprinted, 'Life'. So Isaac, Lester and I stayed over.
And met Esther the next day at Republic Poly.

At Woodlands Interchange.

Wasn't a very good pic-y day, we blamed the lights. haa.

oh, went to see taekwando!
but Spongebob wanted to go to McDonald for the toilet first.


Sje Ting's the teacher! :O

poor kid.
Went back home after, for the lunch, i just ate this.

I had no appetite. Was soo sick and weak. And i went out to meet Yenping.
Jaslyn and Xiao Nick was there too.

I was also waiting for Ryan, whom he said didn't see me at all. When i was at 7eleven CWP, all this while. LOL. So we went to chat at Siying's block void-deck.
Siying was so noisy 'cus of Xiao Nick, haa, kept bickering. Jingjie also came along.
Zhao dong, Hanliang, Chee hoe, Christopher and the gang came over for a visit.
Missed them, but we were so silent. After they left. Zhao dong kor sent me a sweet message.
Asked me to take care of myself since i was sick.(:
Slept over darling's house. We were both sick in the morning. Siying barfed on the MRT, which was SO COOL! haa, we went to church together with Rocsvon.
They wore matching colors! SO SWEET LOR.

But oh well, nevermind if you guys are broken up. Still good friends right? That's great. And i like your pants! haa.

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