Monday, December 10, 2007

Job Search!

So, went job searching with Sonya! Love her, she's cute. :X
So off we went to fetch her.

Sweet mommy.

Hey, i look like an idiot here.
Mom dropped me off Mid-Valley :D
Saw Christmas props, with mushrooms and huts.
Nothing was successful, but atleast we enjoyed it!
Went to Subang Parade after, and ate at Dessert's Bar.
OH, and did you know they made a tower out of REAL donuts?! In Mid-Valley of course.

LOL, even lifeless mannequins aren't innocent.
The entrance of Subang Parade, Reeally pretty.
Cute snowman (:
Anyway, continuing, this lil'munchies cost 2 ringgit each! AWESOME HUH?!
We both bought a gum lolipop from 'Toys 'R U s'
Apparently, we had to "spit" it out before eating. The pink one is Sonya's.

Went home after!

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