Friday, December 14, 2007


HIHIHI! I'm back to blogging PUBLICLY! Good thing that post below was the one and only personal one. And it wasn't THAT deep. So don't bother, ;D
Reasons for my absence of blogging: Was thinking for a permanent URL, that I'll never ever change. (I hope i stick to this one), laptop's too lousy to upload photo's(waiting for a opportunity to go to a lanshop/CC) and I've been doing nothing interesting recently. So yea, but it wasn't much of a difference if i did or didn't blog anyway. Boo.
My Mom's so fab, she brought me dinner at 1AM. HAA! Greaty, just when i wanted to start a good sleeping habit, you make me eat at 1 o'clock in the morning. I sleep around 12-1AM and wake up at 8-11AM now. That's quite good compared to my previous timings. Blehs, infuriated! Like, now i have to sleep at 2-3, just to let it digest it. frogs!FROGS!

Oh well, atleast it was a yummy Caesar salad and hokkien kway tiao. mm-hmm, it was good. So anyway, i wanna go to Singapore! But I'm so lazy. gahsss, no wonder i'm so bored here. I remember calling Rachel up and saying, " It's the holidays now, and i'm sucha LOSER!" and she started laughing. BUT I WAS SERIOUS. Even if i went to Singapore, BO LUI LAAAaa.

Worst still, NO JOB. Kill me.

I'm just gonna enjoy the 2 weeks of holidays left and slack my assie fat. Should I celebrate Christmas by a family party, or TOWNING! Like last year? But Orchard isn't that fun either. FOAMS ARE BANNED! Remember?! Ridiculous, and BANGALAS MOLEST. I saw this once, with bugis Siao people. This chinese lady was sprayed with foam into her eyes, then this happy-go-horny bangala intentionally went infront of her, and his pretentious act of "bumping" into her. His hands were all over her *ahems*. I was disgusted, I'd have made him a mendicant for me if I were a mean crooked person! Dick-hole lor, then one of the Siao ah beng confronted him. And he was laughing in defense. What an idiot. We didn't care about that nigga lurs, just pitied the woman.

Morale of the story? FAMILY PARTY! :D ahaa, but Orchard is much more fun with friends. ah, i'm totally contradicting myself now. Nevermind, we'll see. I just want a happy time.

2AM now... half an hour more perhaps. What a great year this has been. heh.

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