Thursday, December 27, 2007

Continuation of 12/26

The continuation! I went for a night's walk around the condo in my pyjamas.

After 45 minutes of chatting with the Melans on my cellphone, i went back.
Took some crazy pictures with my cousin in my grandma's room.

Ugliness was the theme for this one.
Xinyi's brother!

She likes this pic, but personally, i think it makes her look chubby.

he goes, " eeee!"


I wasn't holding a gun.
Nope, i wasn't gonna commit suicide.
I was not psychotic.
And i totally wasn't wearing my grandma's bra. Nope nope.
Who is she?!

The following pictures were all of my idea.

we're coming for you in 7 hours, WATCH OUT!

She left for Kluang the next day, aww. miss you baby cousin.

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