Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas shopping!

Yesterday, went job hunting with Sonya Mah. Was infuriated! All of them said we were too young. There were so many vacancies! WHAT THE?! Who says the young can't handle responsibility, who says we aren't mature enough to work, WHO SAYS! *gahs* screw society, since you rejected us, we won't CONTRIBUTE!

ANYWAY, we asked Baskin Robins, Toys 'R' Us, Roxy, SaSa, Watsons, Dave Deli's, Dessert, MPH, and LOADS MORE. hahah, was so funny. Sonya and I were taking turns to ask, since it was so scary. Screw THEM. We shall open our own shop and REFUSE to hire any lads. So i ended up spending $RM60, there goes my whole week allowance. Great, but atleast i bought 3 Christmas presents and two for myself. :D Since The Body Shop sales were on, i bought 3 soaps for $RM26! :D LOVE 'EM! smells so good, can't bear to use them, but I will. It'd be a waste to use them when the fragrance is gone, and the soap's so dry that it's breaking into pieces. NO, i can't bear too. =/ But i gotta, or what for i buy them? To show it off? Lol, i will use them! Then i'll buy their Body Butter, which is reeeally nice and moisturizing.

And i had 2 and a half cups of gelatos yesterday, i'm so addicted to it. Ice cream is indeed... boring. aha! So i totally forgot what i wanted to blog, since i was at this for hours. But i just really wanna thank GOD, for blessing me so much. I finally got my FIRST The Body Shop product! Yesterday! wee! Thank you Daddy! hee.

I need inspiration for a good blog URL! *screams* or maybe this shall be my personal blog? heh!
I wish for a kitten. A cute lil' kitten, that never grow up. hmm, but i'll be willing to take care of it all my life even if it does. meows :|

Buy me a kitten won't you? =|

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