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Hmm, just finished my school camp of 4 days and 3 nights. that's why i didn't update my blog for SO LONG! and my views dropped by half, sadly. :C Anyway, i think i'll upload the photos tomorrow or something. Gotta go to a lanshop to do it. =/ So i'll just write about the overall stuff here.
4 teams were made:
British Airways: Shaun, ME! Jowee (my name-alike!), Grace, Marielle, Mark( a really nice kid) and John Chua. oh yea, and the terrorist dude - Isaac.

Quantas: Wesley, Andrea, Rachel Tan, Sherlyn, Hannah, Joel, and Joshua.

United Airlines: Silas, Nicholas Kam, James, Joyce, Rachel Quah, Andrew Khoo! See( cool real name!), Sereena, and Sonya.

Emirates: Alex,Chris, Leong, Kailing, Peter, Angela, Andrew, and Nicolette.

Wouldn't wanna type out all the Dorm-mates. No point. I just find the name 'See' so cool! what if his surname was Wat? See Wat?! SEE WAT, SEE WHAT? o.o forget it.

Here are the Rules and Regulations given to us. Very obviously written-out by DEAR RACHEL SOON....

1.No leaving the camo grounds WITHOUT premission.
2.In YOUR rooms by MIDNIGHT.
3.NO modern communication devices allowed during meetings/sessions.
4.PUNCTUAL for ALL activities.
5.NO pairing off alone. ( Secretly, quite a few DID)
6.NO alcohol, drugs & RACHEL-LESS-NESS. =D
7.All decisions authorized by the camp committee CANNOT be defied.
8.Attendance is COMPULSORY for ALL activities.
9.No meddling with any equipment. (should have an 's' in the end)
10.( i didn't really wanna type this NONSENSE out, but oh well... LOL)
Thou art FORBIDDEN to indulge thouself in SINFUL garb that art REVEALING. If thou art found guilty of such crime, RETRIBUTION shall be swift. Punishment shall be to the GUILLOTINE (the thingy that chops your head =D). ( an actual word! =O)

And it's the EXACT replica. Apparently except for the ones with brackets.

Activities for the whole group was MODELING and a MOVIE SPOOF. A spoof (for those who don't know what it means), is a movie "making fun" of other movies. Like, copying their character and some scenes but making it a comedy from a serious act. So our model was Jowee!(superhero) and our theme was, STAR WARS, LOL.
WE GOT THE FIRST PLACE! YAY! Atleast we were first in SOMETHING, we were last in EVERYTHING, and never won a single match since the first day. So the script was like,

Yoda's name is changed to YoGa(played by John), and Luke Moonwalker (Shaun), i'm the sassy nurse (his assistance in making his "robot"(Mark). Grace and I were clowns (clones) that tried to attack Moonwalker. Jedi's were called Godie's and YoGa had an GoDie Academy, which the students learnt ChiKuPak rather than laser swords techniques. Marielle and I were also pupils in the scene. Moonwalker's mind power was so strong, it blew Mark away. And YoGa gave him a mission to defeat DartVapor (Darth Vader, played by Isaac).

We won 'cus the whole team was in it, and it was pretty funny, i guess?
Emirates theme was Spiderman and their model was Peter(futuristic)! LOL~
So anyway, their spoof was REALLY FUNNY. Andrew is VERY talented, he thought of most of the stuff. He was very funny, he should be a comedian in the future. They got 2nd place, we won by 1 mark i think.
United Airlines model was Andrew Khoo(70's)! That cute ass boy! and their theme was Lord Of The Rings. LOLOL! It was funny since the two actors were laughing their ass off themselves. You know Frodo and that fat boy are partners to go destroy the ring. So Frodo's like really tired right? and his helper is carrying him up, BUT he's gay, so he keeps touching him(Nicholas Kam), and both of them started laughing so much they fell to the floor ON STAGE. They didn't get much points since only two of them were starring in the spoof and the rest of the team was useless. Rachel had some good ideas but were kinda brushed aside =/
Quantas' theme's Toystory, and Sherlyn dressed as an RED INDIAN. LOL!

And before the presentation, teams had to do some teamwork activity. Two person had to jump into the pool(which was freezing cold!) to find a one sen coin that's 1997 or something. Shaun and Mark jumped in. And then 2 players had to beat Adam and Teacher Ben Micheal in ChorDaiDi, which is Marielle and Jowee who won the game. Next up, I had to fill balloons with water and drop them 3 floors below, while my other team-mates catches them or get hit by them one-by-one. Rachel was a darling to help me fill them up. Although they were VERY BIG D=<
The worst one was sticking your face through a pile of dead small worms in curry powder? To find the eraser and using your mouth to take it out. DISGUSTING* John Chua did that. And last but not least, TEAMWORK! All of the members had to stand on A2 size paper, and moving from one end to another by placing the 2nd piece of paper before us and moving again. Was awkward since our body were all attached to each other man.

WE GOT 2ND PLACE! HEY-HO! Not bad since we were kinda slow and talking to much rather than walking.

These are the main things that happened, which most of it, i won't be repeating when i upload the pictures. It wasn't that bad of a camp either :D

And i wanna give an applause and appreciation to THE COMMITTEE, Rachel Soon, Denise Ng, Adam Khoo, Elliot, Jon lim, and Tch Ben Micheal/Lee. Your hardwork has paid-off and thanks for doing your best in making this school camp fun as possible. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

oh yeah, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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