Friday, November 30, 2007

Halloween Party.

Wednesday was Halloween, last month. But i overslept. Which was also a good thing.
Mom was helping me prepare since 10AM. aww, sweet. she did all the cooking and arrangement.
I painted my nails uglily.

I didn't have a damn costume. I did a pathetic one which i was gonna throw away later.

Tried on my mask and the styrofoam axe.
pretty, aren't I?

And off i went to school for drama class. But i reached early. 2.45PM.
So i waited at the lobby. Some small kids were playing around.
Jasmine, 9 years old.

i duno who the hell she is :D
i love my nailllllsss :X

Timothy's costume and mask. Acting as a crazy man.
My costume for drama class, I'm the Queen, one of the main characters.
i know it's ugly.
Sonia bought some face crayons!

Angela supports ARSENAL! nah~

I drew the lolipop on Grace's face, since she drew mine. friggin over-blushed cheeks!
So after that, they went over my place for Halloween.
Vampire teeth.
Scary huh.

Yong loon. He's Jig-Saw. (you'll understand if you watch the movie 'Saw'.)
The gay version.
Peter jamming with my guitar.
we went out to chat. Was so boring lor.

Peter tan!

Yong loon's leg.

Joshua's dead.

Kimberly mom bought a cake, aww. How sweet.

While my mom cooked and prepared the rest!
It was yummy.

My pumpkin, my prophet.
So i lighted the pumpkin, and turned off the lights.
It became alive.
It was so real, as if, it was really living. and we started taking endless pictures of it.
and we started worshipping The Pumpkin. LOL~
Giving our cellphones and candies as sacrifices. hahah.

Yea, was pretty sucky. I'm never gonna organized a party for them again.
The only sporting people were Timothy, Kimberly, ME, Nicholas and Joshua. Maybe Yong loon too. The rest were like WTF la. I was really pissed-off after. But i changed my mood after a night's rant. hmm.
Went to The Pyramid later, thought California Fitness had a party, but it was cancelled since it was a disturbance to the people working-out there. Boo.

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