Friday, November 30, 2007

3 weeks ago.

3 weeks ago, I brought tuna to school, and ate it during break time. And then when i waled around, first person asked, " why are you eating tuna?"
" why can't I?", i replied. 2nd person asked the same question, " uh, why? cus it's nice?"
and then the 3rd and 4th person asked me around the same time, " WHAT'S WRONG WITH EATING TUNA?!?!?!?!" it's so annoying, that people would even question why you're eating.
Is it strange eating tuna straight from the can?
It's the same as eating Nutella from it's container. Was so *GRAHHSS!*

My table! With Imaginarie, she kept me company. I talk to Imaginarie when i'm bored.
Andrea drew the top half. I drew the bottom half.
Same for below. LOL, we were having a Who Can Draw The Most Ugliest competition.
Obviously, i won. (=
my teacher has a collection of Coke bottles, cans, and caps! WTH?!
I just got tooo excited. MY FIRST DRUM STICK! AND MILLIONS TO COME! :D

He said TAMA's a good brand and it cost around RM$30 for a pair.
I went home, stayed up using the internet. I LOVE THE INTERNET..
and my newly bought headset~ :D
i look like some Operational Staff lady.

How could i live without... the internet?!
i could use it up to 12 hours a day, for extreme times.
but usually it's 8-10.
I'm pretending to be a staff taking a picture for STAFF OF THE MONTH.
While over here, most working professionals have these "moments", a hard-working, busy person, having a few seconds to enjoy their coffee by only a few sips.

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