Friday, November 16, 2007


So The Wongs and Sereena came over my place yesterday, was cool. Sereena brought a VCD, 23.
It's about everything of a person's life is totally related to 23, name, ID number, favorite color, number of shoes, birthday etc.
A movie directed by Joel Schumacher, starring Jim Carrey. It's AWESOME! it messes around with your mind like Saw1,2 & 3. So an author Topsy Kretts, read it real fast, and it'll sound like ' Top Secrets'! COOL huh, as Jim starts reading it, he realizes the story is imitating his life. Everything in his childhood. There are many amazing facts about the number, 23.
a few facts that i can remember from the movie:

It takes 23 seconds for the blood in our body to circulate.
There are 46 chromosones in our body 23 for each parent ( o.o?)
In Revelations there are only 22 chapters, ( so i guess we're gonna find out the 23rd soon)
December 12 2012 is believed to be the end of the world by some tribe blabla~
Tropic of Capricorn 23.5 north?

Alright, i don't know if these facts are right. Except for the Bible part, there are only 22 chapters. COOL hor~ :x
It's like all the facts and planning of the September 11 thing. OSAMA'S AWESOME...
uh, right.. so 4 of us were watching it. Suddenly Timothy came over. all of us were like wth?
Was he invited? WTH?!
So he just came in since my mom was kind enough to open the door, and just came in, sat on my blue stool and watched the movie with us like there was no damn business.
he was totally rude, and NOISY. wouldn't shut up during the movie, kept talking and talking. And tried to prove his maths were FAB.
"what's 6x6-1?" he asked. i didn't bother listening but just answered " 23."
But Angela gave the correct answer of 36, minus the one. so i realized, " it's 4x6, idiot."
and he was like -_________________- seriously, his maths suck. like real bad.
after the movie all of them went to someone's house. and i watched Chuck and Larry with my mom. For the 2nd time. i hate watching movies more than once unless it's really nice ( like Saw 2) or when i'm reeally bored.
Ate dinner and they came back, The Wongs left, and Sereena stayed for dinner! :D
sorry though, only eggs and squids. :x

you know what's the cool part?! my BIRTHDAY is in the MOVIE! February 10th, the day of the death of Laura Tollins. She died on her birthday so cool. i said i wanted to die on my birthday before. Laura was killed on her 23rd birthday! so the movie's real great and stuff.


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